Yogini Ekadashi Helps Get Rid of Skin Diseases

When is Yogini Ekadashi?

The 2022 Yogini Ekadashi falls on Friday on June 24, . This is the eleventh Tithi that falls within the Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashadha. As with all Ekadashi, Yogini Ekadashi too is a day of worship for Lord Vishnu. So, The devotees an observance of fasting on this day. Yogini Ekadashi is the next day. Nirjala Ekadashi and prior to Dev Shayini Ekadashi. The following information is provided:

Yogini Ekdashi on Friday, June 24, 2022

  • Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 09:41 PM, June 23, 2022
  • Ekadashi Tithi Ends – 11:12 PM, June 24, 2022
  • Yogini Ekadashi Parana Time – 05:56 AM to 08:38 AM

What’s the significance behind Yogini Ekadashi?

Invoking the Lord Vishnu during Yogini Ekadashi will shower the devotee with happiness and prosperity throughout life. The people who observe vrat this day can gain the virtues equal to the amount of food consumed by 88 thousand Brahmins. Significant changes will occur within the lives of devotees after observing Yogini Ekadashi rituals . Hence, The vrat is also a good indicator of health. By observing it, people avoid health issues. It also assists in getting rid of illnesses. The vrat is especially beneficial to people suffering from skin diseases. One is said to be able to become Swargaloka by following this Yogini Ekadashi vrat.

How do you perform the ceremonies of Yogini Ekadashi?

The devotees must get to their feet early, and are required to have an holy bath prior to beginning the rituals. Keep at peace and calm during the vrat time. Lord Vishnu is honored and is offered candles, incense sticks and leaves of tulsi. So, Aarati is distributed and carried out. the prasad to family members. The devotee must refrain from alcohol, meat, and tobacco , and limit themselves to a single meal for the duration of the festival of vrat.

The Rituals and rituals that accompany Yogini Ekadashi The celebration begins on the eve beginning on the night of Ekadashi and continue until the point at which the Ekadashi closes. The devotees was expecting  to spend the whole night singing mantras to bless Lord Vishnu. Reciting the mantra “Vishnu Sahasranama” with extreme devotion is consider to be blessed. Therefore, Visit to Lord Vishnu temple is highly recommended. Doing charitable acts will benefit the devotee. The vrat can be completed with the performance of the The story of Yogini Ekadashi .

What is the background story of Yogini Ekadashi?

Within the Kingdom of Alakapuri that was led by King Kuvera lived the gardener who was the King Hema Mali. He was Hema Mali’s responsibility to provide that fresh blooms were brought to Mansarovar Lake for the king’s regular ritual of worshiping Lord Shiva. Hema Mali performs her job very well. He blessed with a lovely wife, whom he loved deeply and who was Swarupavati. Hema Mali’s lifestyle was flawless. One day, King Kuvera who was on his way to the temple to take part in the regular ritual of worshiping of Lord Shiva. He shocked to discover to his dismay there were no flowers in the puja.

The king immediately dispatched an official from the royal family to check the activities Hema Mali was up to. Hema Mali was, by the time, was enjoying the time with the wife. When the courier returned, he told the king about the situation. In fury the king Kuvera made an order for Hema Mali to be taken to court.

Hema Mali pleaded for pardon , but was denied any pardon. Outside of the realm, Hema Mali roamed around the forest like leper. Animals also stayed away from close to the leper. He was alone and isolated. Hema Mali was a dejected image. He was one day in the Ashram that was Sage Markandeya’s. Hema Mali had told Sage Markandeya everything. After hearing this, Sage Markandeya instructed Hema Mali to adhere to an Yogini Ekadashi vrat and worship Lord Vishnu. Hema Mali followed the advice as instructed. He cured of leprosy. Hema Mali came back to Alakapuri. King Kuvera was able to take him in and Hema returned with his most beloved wife. This all happened because Hema Mali truly observed her Yogini Ekadashi vrat.

What is Ekadashi Vrat?

According to Vedic Astrology, Vrat during Ekadashi can be classified into three types three types namely Nirjala Vrat, Sajala Vrat and Farali Vrat. The vrat during which devotees spend the entire day with no food or drink call as Nirjala Vrat. If the devotee is able to eat liquid food, it’s call as Sajala Vrat. Restricting their diet to fruit and milk as Farali Vrat.

The devotee should keep a calm and peaceful mental state during the vrat phase. Avoid thinking, seeing, or perform any bad actions during the vrat time. Therefore, The mind focuss on God and good things. Continuously watching your Ekadashi Vrat rids the body of toxic substances. People feels light and energized in daily life. The practice of the Ekadashi vrat can reduce the risk of developing cancer by nearly 90 percent. Also, checkout our other updated blogs here.

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