Why You Should Move Your Medical Spa to Online Booking

Medical Spa to Online Booking

For many decades the most basic method of acquiring clients for medical spa has been through promotional campaigns, walk-ins, consultations,s, etc. However, in today’s busy world when people are hard-pressed for time the old traditional ways can only do so much. The modern-day client expects and wants convenience at his or her fingertips. Thus, in order to meet the expectations of the client, it is important to communicate in the language of their choice. Considering this it is important to stay ahead in the game and update your medical spa business with a state of art sophisticated online medical spa scheduling software. Aside from the obvious of increasing the client footfall to your business the medical spa software can transform the way you deliver your services to the clients and give them a completely new and relaxed experience. Read along to know what an online medical spa scheduling software can do to transform your business.

Respond to Clients 24/7

Often the customers face the harrowing experience of rushing to book an appointment at the last minute, only to realize that it is already off work hours for business. An urgent appointment is required but to no avail. Thousands of clients go through the ordeal almost daily. However, your med spa can be different. Instead, the customer can hop onto your website or app and book a confirmed appointment in just a few clicks. All this, courtesy a medical spa software which has empowered your business to be able to respond to clients at the time of their convenience. What is even better that the software will instantaneously schedule the appointment in the work calendar, and intimate you and your team about the new booking. Prior to the upcoming appointment the system will send reminders to both clients and the stylist such that there are minimal no-show bookings and missed appointments.

Reduce your work load

A med spa software isn’t a tool to exclusively help your customers. It is built to help your business more than your customers. By now, we are all aware that running a medical spa involves lot of administrative work. Juggling between the administrative assignments is exhausting and often leads to something being missed. Without automation you’re losing precious time that could have been better utilized in changing your business strategy and increasing your revenues. A really great online medical spa scheduling software is able to manage the administrative side of the booking. From scheduling work according to cosmetologist availability to ensuring that no overbooking is happening. With the software taking your workload you can focus on another important side of the business.  

Provide Excellent Customer Experience

Multiple studies have indicated that the need of the present-day customer is not limited to availing a service. They seek experience. Each and every visit to a medspa is a unique journey and should provide excellent client experience. The journey of experience commences from the time of booking an appointment and culminates after recording customer feedback. Thus, with as many cogs in the wheel, it is important to ensure that all the dynamic elements of the process work in complete harmony. If the entire chain is run manually, it is highly likely that not only would there be procedural delays but also errors due to human oversight. An online med spa software streamlines the entire process to help you consistently deliver superior service both online and after the client’s arrival in-store. As a result, your customers are happy and your popularity increases.

Save Money

As contradictory as it may sound, but moving your med spa business to an online software program will actually result in savings. Granted that you shall have to pay a fee to acquire and maintain the software, but the expense shall be much less compared to the costs that you would incur if you run a system where administrative work is done manually. Either you will have to hire more people or spend hours in doing repetitive work. As the old adage goes, “Time is money”. Thus, any time that is saved by deploying a medical spa software is almost equivalent to earning more.

Reporting and Analytics

An often overlook but highly important feature of the online booking software is its on-demand reporting module, which can instantaneously generate on-demand reports to ascertain the performance of the business. Whether it is the daily sales report, weekly cash flow statements, and computation of the key business metrics the software should be able to create real time numerical and graphical report such that the management team can take informed decisions to ensure that the business performs optimally. Aside from the above, there are some more features such as employee management, inventory management, payments and accounting, marketing management that an online booking system can accomplish for your business. One of the well-established products in the market is the med spa software from Zenoti.  The software is designed to meet the requirements on businesses of various sizes. One of the famous Australian med spa brand, “Brazilian Beauty” deployed Zenoti med spa software to transform their business and has grown the enterprise from one store to twenty one today.