Going on a vacation is important for many of us to unwind and refresh our minds. However, arranging a long trip can be bothersome. Therefore, taking a short vacation can be the perfect solution for you who wish to escape momentarily from your daily routine. Whether you are going on a luxury tour or a solo backpacking trip, it is much easier than traveling for a long period. Here are some reasons why a short vacation is good for your mental health.

Decrease your stress level

When you are occupied with a lot of assignments at work, you should consider taking a brief getaway to decrease or eliminate your stress. Planning a short vacation doesn’t require a lot of your time and money. You don’t need to worry about packing and unpacking your luggage, as you can simply bring one bag to carry all your two or three days vacation needs. Talking about budget-wise, you don’t need to pay a lot for accommodation because the duration will be short and quick.

Less anxious

It is natural to take an annual break. You can fly above Canberra and admire the landscape with the Canberra balloon spectacular flight or enjoy the magnificent view that the TranzAlpine train offers during vacation. Unfortunately, many people are too concerned about the pile of work tasks and emails that will wait for them after a long vacation. That makes them remain feeling intense during their vacation because they expect a lot of assignments wait for them once they get back. On the other hand, a quick vacation means you are only away from work for a short time, so it won’t result in you dealing with a stack-up of documents.

Digital Detox

It is impossible for you to fully detach from emails and messages related to work after office hours or during the weekend. Your boss or your client might still call you to ask about office matters. However, if you activate the “short-cation mode” because you are going to take a quick adventurous trip, you are allowed to unplug yourself for a few days. People tend to respect that boundary because they know that it will be hard for you to get a stable internet connection and they can postpone raising their questions for only two or three days. That way, you can embark on a new adventure on Fox Glacier by hiking or ice climbing without being interrupted by phone notifications.


  • Many people return from a short vacation feeling completely satisfied because they have experienced a fantastic trip amid their busy days. With a regular short getaway, they can always recharge their mind and soul after hectic months and can get excited waiting for the upcoming schedule of their next short cation.

Those are some reasons why having short breaks Australia equally means taking good care of your mental health. The excitement from organizing until finishing a short vacation will lead to a feeling of fulfillment.