What to Consider When You Are Looking For Sod for Sale Near Me?

Sod can convert your dull-looking lawn into a green space that everyone loves to hang out in for hours. So, when you are looking to buy sod for sale near me, consider the following things to ensure you get the best quality grass for your lawn.

Examine the Sod Carefully

When you are shopping at a sale, it can be overwhelming to choose between numerous products at great prices. One of the factors in the decision is to check the rolling direction of the sod grass. The roll should always be inward. It makes sure that the sod is well- protected. Do not buy sod grass that is rolled on the outside, as it will get damaged before you are ready to plant it.

Measure the Thickness of Sod

The thickness of the sod plays a vital role in its survivability. For a sod to be healthy, it needs to have a minimum thickness of 1-inch to guarantee an established root system. Check the dirt side of the rolled sod to see if it has noticeable and interlinking roots.

Always select pieces with thick roots to ensure it lasts for long and makes your lawn green and appealing.

Inspect the Color of the Grass

When you are shopping from sod suppliers near me in Atlanta, carefully examine the grass side. Select the pieces that have bright green blades. They must be uniform around the surface and also should have a minimum height of 2-inches.

If you see a piece that is slightly yellow or brown, avoid buying it. The color change indicates that the sod grass will not survive for long after you install it. Most of the pieces you get from the sale have the chance that their color is changing. So don’t be fooled by any supplier if they tell you that it will survive.

Check for Weeds and Insects

You must check the sod grass for any weed and insect growth. If even the tiniest patch has weed growth, it will spread through the whole sod grass and damages it.

The presence of insects reduces the chances of survivability of sod grass before it even takes root.

Look for Moisture on the Sod Grass

Among the most vital factors to consider is the moisture of the sod. Run your hand on the bottom of the sod to check the moisture level. If the sod is moist, it means that it has been taken care of and watered carefully. The dried-out sod has minimum to no chance that it will take root in your lawn.

If your search is for who sells sod near me in Atlanta, then you can check out Atlanta Sod Farms. They have a collection of well-taken care of sod grass that can take root in your lawn quite easily.

Tug on the Sod Grass to see the Strength of the Root system

Gently pull on the grass to see if it comes out of the soil or not. The sod grass that comes out by the gentle pull means it has a week root system. So, select pieces that have tightly grown grass and don’t comes off easily from the soil.

When you buy already-grown grass from an Atlanta sod company, keep these factors in mind to get the best quality sod. Nothing is more off-putting than yellow or brown grass on the lawn. Get the best sod from the sale to improve and convert your lawn into a place that everyone loves to sit in and enjoy.


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