What is Udyam Registration Portal?

What is Udyam Registration Portal

Udyam Registration is government enlistment for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. Udyog Aadhar enrollment was the old system of enlistment for undertakings under MSME and it was exceptionally extended and tedious. Accordingly, the public authority supplanted the old cycle with Udyam enlistment.


Udyam enlistment is done based on self-confirmation with the assistance of Aadhar and PAN Card. The undertakings enlisted with Udyam will get the acknowledgment authentication and a special number. The entire cycle is on the web and free.

Who can apply for Udyam Registration?

Those ventures which satisfy the accompanying measures of MSME businesses can enroll themselves as MSME and profit from the advantages under the Udyam Registration.


The MSME ventures have been named under:


(I) Micro Enterprise – The Enterprise whose interest in Plant and Machinery and hardware doesn’t surpass Rs. 1 crore and gross pay doesn’t surpass Rs. 5 crores.


(ii) Medium Enterprise – The undertaking whose interest in Plant and Machinery or Equipment doesn’t surpass Rs. 50 crore and complete deals don’t surpass Rs. 250 crore


(iii) Small Enterprise – The Enterprise whose interest in Plant and Machinery or Equipment doesn’t surpass Rs. 10 crore and complete deals don’t surpass Rs. 50 crore.

Udyam Registration Portal Login

Udyam enlistment entryway has facilitated the business activities for the MSMEs. Everything is accessible online on the entry. You can profit of these administrations readily available on the Udyam enlistment entry:


  • A novel recognizable proof number will be created otherwise called Udyam Registration Number before long the enlistment.
  • You can apply for Udyam re-enrollment with your old Udyog Aadhar Memorandum, and update it to the new Udyam enlistment by self-validation through your Aadhar/PAN card.
  • Assuming you need to refresh your enrollment endorsement, you can do it online on the Udyam Registration entryway.
  • You can print endorsements through the enlistment entrance.
  • You can refresh your Udyam endorsement.
  • Track your Udyog enrollment with only a single tick.
  • You can likewise drop your Udyam enrollment application assuming you would rather not proceed with the Udyam.


Udyam Registration Certificate

Udyam Registration Certificate is the authentication given to the endeavor after the MSME Registration of the undertaking. The Udyam endorsement gives many advantages for MSMEs

Simple admittance to online acquisition of merchandise and administrations

The public authority has presented the stage for the acquisition of labor and products known as GeM (Government e-Marketplace). The MSMEs enlisted with Udyam can enlist themselves on the GeM as purchasers just as dealers. Diamond is an extremely wide internet based stage for the public acquisition of merchandise by the State and Central government specialists of India. In this way, the GeM clients get openness to a wide commercial center.

Simple accessibility of government tenders (Preference in delicate distributions)

The MSMEs get an inclination for the accessibility of the public authority tenders. Udyam enrollment authentication assists you with the cooperation in Government tenders liberated from cost i.e., you don’t have to pay the bid-security before interest.

Simple bank advances at lower credit rates

The Udyam organizations can without much of a stretch get credits at low loan fees. As the MSMEs are arranged as the Primary Lending Sector, the Banks should give inclination to the MSME organizations.

Concession on power bills

The power levies have likewise been financed for the MSMEs. The Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Scheme is one such illustration of the public authority plans which had been acquainted with sponsoring the power levies for the MSMEs in Haryana.

Help from Tax Audit

The duty review prerequisites for the MSMEs have been decreased. The turnover edge for the MSMEs for charge review exclusions have been expanded from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 5 crores, according to the Union Budget 2020.

Insurance from conceded installments through the internet based entry – e-samadhan

The Udyam endorsement can assist you with getting the enrollment on e-Samadhan, the internet based stage for grievances in regards to postponed installments. The stage furnishes you with speedy and impartial goals for the settlement of debates.

Admittance to e-samiksha for simple, moment and secure trade of data

The e-samiksha stage has been started for the MSMEs to guarantee there are no forthcoming complaints for the MSMEs.

CHAMPIONS plot for complaint the board

The MSMEs having Udyam declarations can enroll themselves under CHAMPIONS and catch new freedoms and get support from the public authority for the accessibility of unrefined substances, finance, work, and so on

Get sponsorships on charges

The public authority has given sponsorships to the assessment installment under many plans for the MSMEs.

Endowment of Capital

The public authority has given capital endowments to the MSMEs. Likewise, the MSMEs can get simple advances and monetary help for the everyday capital prerequisites.

Rebate on IPR(Intellectual Property Right) enlistment

The public authority has likewise started a mindfulness program for spreading mindfulness on Intellectual Property Rights. Hence, the MSMEs can get the enlistment for the IPR at low rates.

Innovation and quality upgradation

The public authority gives uncommon help to the organizations with Udyam testaments to urge them to utilize Energy Efficient Technologies to assist with diminishing the expense of creation and keep up with the business as indicated by the worldwide norms for the climate.

Are Udyog Aadhar and Udyam Registration entryway equivalent?

Udyog Aadhar was the old technique for the enlistment of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises which was supplanted by Udyam.

The UAM number otherwise called the Udyog Aadhar number can be utilized to re-register under Udyam enlistment.

Udyam enlistment should be possible just a single time with an Aadhar card of the vital agent of the business and the wide range of various exercises identified with the venture must be recorded under one enrollment, though for Udyog Aadhar there was no limitation on documenting more than one Udyog Aadhar Memorandum utilizing a similar Aadhar number.