What is social learning network and how to adopt it?

Over the years, social networking has become the major form of communication between people across the globe. Instant chat, connecting with old friends, making new friends and sharing information… social network opens all sorts of possibilities to connect easily and instantly with just anybody. Taking in perspective the feasibility of this technology, the concept of social learning network was formed to initiate learning throughout the process of connecting virtually. https://www.veg-box.org/

In the COVID era we all got to witness the benefit of technologies such as social learning networks and online teaching platforms. In short the offline education system took to virtual teaching and learning and it all could happen because we already had certain virtual teaching technologies in the very first place.

But what is a social learning network?

Social learning network (SLN) is just like a social media platform but it is entirely based on the two way relationship of learning and teaching.

The way we use Facebook or Instagram, the same way social learning network also has a chat feature and the feature to post and like things but all of it is educational based and promotes interactive teaching and learning methods.

Unlike the classroom environment, on this platform nobody is a fixed teacher or learner as learners can also teach their peers whereas the teachers can also learn from their fellow peers. Hence, social learning platforms are a place where collaborative learning is the main motto.

What are some of the main features of social learning networks?

Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best features available on online learning platforms. Students have their own random time to study. Some are night owls whereas some wake early in the morning to learn lessons. Live chat feature gives the feasibility to connect with an available educator instantly and get the doubts cleared. It eliminates the drawback of doubts piling up because of which the confusion and lag in learning increases. Through live chat the educators can share PDF and video files which better helps the students to understand that too instantly.


Also known as social stream is important to integrate an informal method of learning strategy. We all have experienced how fast our brain grabs the information presented through meme on Facebook. Likewise, timeline on social learning platforms act in the same way to provide immediate knowledge to students which is easy to retain and fun to read. Also, it is a suitable place to share any sort of important academic information, news or any sort of key achievements with your learners.

Group learning

Teachers, educators and trainers can create subject based groups or class based groups in which they can add their students and share exclusive information, notes and courses with them. These group sessions can give targeted learning goal in which all the learners will be equal participants facilitating each other’s information grabbing process with active group discussions.

Course awareness

These day’s online courses and certification programs are gaining a lot of fame and not just students but also working professionals are opting for it. Through social learning network, online course makers can advertise and raise awareness of their course amongst a large pool of learners, being a productive place for online course marketing. Also the students can easily look for the course that is according to their requirement and can enroll from there only.

How to adopt social learning network?

Adopting any new technology in the educational world is a big challenge as not just the teachers but also each and every student has to embrace it without any doubt. In the COVID crisis when each and every educational institution was switching to online teaching platform, adapting to this sudden change became a huge task for teachers and learners. Many of them were lacking the knowledge or feasibility for it. But eventually things got sorted and many teachers changed their teaching pattern to suit the new demand.

However adopting to social learning network is not that tedious when already we all are so habitual using our smartphones on daily basis. Most of us are on two or more social media platforms and are well aware of its features. Hence adapting to social learning platform is not something to be nervous about. You can start making it a part of your academics in following ways-

Select a free social learning platform

There are many companies in the market who have launched their own social learning network which gives you all the benefits of this technology. Right from making and selling courses to conducting live classes and sharing learning material, teachers get to do everything on it without any hassle or specific skill requirements.

Don’t make it a main stream form of learning

In the situation of Coronavirus crisis many teachers took over to online teaching platform for imparting instructions. It was undoubtedly the need of the hour and was also a big success to teach online successfully, but using social learning network as mainstream teaching platform should be avoided because of its more informal nature. It is a wonderful after class learning session thing which should be applied to the best of its use only after which it will be able to cultivate a better teaching and learning relationship.

Use it everyday

Even if you are new to this concept and are unsure whether to use it or how to use it, still don’t give up on it. There is a reason why the social learning network technology is on an all-time high demand so use it to know what it holds for you.

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