Ways to Relieve a Constipated Baby

Constipated Baby

Having a constipated baby can be a nightmare for every parent. There are many reasons why your baby may be experiencing constipation. It is common for children to be constipated, and on many occasions, it’s not that serious. Still, your priority should always be your child’s health, and that means you need to know precisely what is causing the problem and find a solution.

Below are ways that can help relieve your baby from constipation.

Know The Problem

First of all, you need to identify what is causing your baby’s constipation. Is it a diet problem or a hygiene problem? Sometimes, children’s diapers might not absorb all the urine leaving a side-effect called diaper rash. You don’t want this because it could be really painful for your baby.

Ensure The Baby Has A Consistent Diet

You want your Baby’s diet to be consistent from day one and if you are introducing something new, let it be in Small portions until you know how your baby reacts to it. You should be able to tell by observing the frequency of the baby’s booing. Is it regular? Is the boo hard or runny? If it remains normal, go ahead and include it in your Baby’s diet. Scheduling your children’s mealtimes is also an important cause that will help with their digestion. Don’t let them skip meals because this might cause some problems later on.

Always Place The Baby Diaper Correctly

 You should not place your baby in a diaper that is too tight or in one that has tape-like pins. These could hinder the movement of the bowels and lead to constipation problems. A loose fit should be enough to give your child some room for free movement.

Just like adults, your baby should be able to defecate at least once every day, excluding the fact that babies are always sleeping. If you notice that they cannot do so after waking up or drinking milk, there’s probably something wrong with them.

Know What Is In Your Babies’ Diet

It might sound like an obvious thing to do, but it’s necessary you know what your baby is eating. If your baby is being fed on something other than breast milk, you should consider changing their diet to ensure no traces of preservatives or artificial ingredients. You should also closely monitor the amount of sugar they take in because this could clog up the bowels and make it difficult for them to go.

Failure To Evacuate At Appropriate Intervals

The child’s natural pattern of bowel movements should be established by the age of 1 year.

If the stooling frequency is less than three times per week, you should order baby constipation relief from a licensed pharmacist, and if it persists, you should visit a pediatrician. The child should be encouraged to use the toilet regularly, and parents can help establish regular bowel habits through good toilet practices.

Just like adults, your baby should be able to defecate at least once every day, excluding the fact that babies are always sleeping. If you notice that they cannot do so after waking up or drinking milk, there’s probably something wrong with them.

Incorporate Fiber Into Their Diet

You can always add a little more fiber to your Baby’s diet to help indigestion. Foods rich in fiber include vegetable peas, beans, fruits, wholegrains cereals, bread, etc. This food improves your digestive system and is rich in nutrients and vitamins that aid in preventing diseases.

Give Your Child A Warm Bath

A warm bath also plays a crucial role in relaxing the bowel muscles and relieves some discomfort that comes with constipation. Your focus should always be on making your child feel relaxed, especially when having a bowel movement.

Give Your Baby A Massage

If you suspect that they’re constipated, then massage their belly in a clockwise circle for up to ten minutes, two times per day, and try giving them any bodily pressure on their tummy.

Seek Treatment

If you haven’t been able to relieve your child from constipation even after trying all of these ways, then the best thing you can do is take them to a doctor. A doctor would identify what’s causing the problem and give you a more efficient solution for your baby.

A doctor may recommend some medications or provide you with some insight on how you can relieve your child without having to use any medication or through the application of natural ways.


Constipation is a condition that can affect anyone, but you must know how to relieve your child from constipation because it can cause serious problems. By using any of these ways, you should relieve your child from the pain they are going through right away. If you have tried all of these methods and nothing seems to work, you should take them to a doctor who would be able to identify the cause of their problem and provide you with efficient solutions.

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