Who is Wanda Ferton?

Wanda Furton is actually an amazing stunt performer from Canada. She was born in 1970 and is currently 50 years old. After getting married to the famous wrestler Bill Goldberg, Wanda came to light. She represents a very small city in Canada, called Saskichovan. Allen Ferton and Guyan Varbesky are his parents and comes from the family of five siblings. Wanda has American nationality and represents the white race. She follows Christianity with anecdotes.

Wanda Ferton was born in 1970. They are now old but don’t look too old. Wanda is currently 50 years. Wanda’s age cannot tell her original picture. This shows that she takes care of her body very well. With the direct influence of Bill Goldberg, its fitness is standardized and improved. Bill is a professional player.

Wanda Ferton’s height and weight:

Wanda is a glamorous woman with a height of 5 feet 7 inches. He has sexy brown eyes color and black hair. Wanda Ferton weighs about 55 55kg. Its body measure is 34-26-34 inches. The size of her dress is 4 (we) and its shoe size is 7 (we). She is a stuntman and a huge fan of fitness, so she keeps herself in good shape. There are no tattoos and piercings on his body. She prefers to live in a very easy way. She is fond of fitness and for this reason she keeps herself thin and trimmed.

Wanda Ferton Husband:

Wanda Fateton is known for being a well -known wrestler Bill Goldberg. She married Professional Wrestler Bill Goldberg on April 10, 2005 at a highly celebrated ceremony. They are very good together. Goldberg has saved many demolition moments for himself and his fans as the WCW and the WWD. Bill Goldberg is a real legend of WWE. In addition to being a Bill Goldberg, the wrestler is an actor from the United States and a former US football player.

Wanda Ferton Family:

Alan is the parents of Ferton and Guinea Verbysky Wanda. Both parents were farmers where they grew up looking at animals and fields with their siblings. Wanda really has the honor of being in the family of seven members. Wanda is the youngest of five siblings. So she had more responsibilities at a very young age because she was the older sister of three beautiful siblings. A beautiful family named together in a famous Canadian province, named Saskichovan (where the population is 600). Wanda completed his high school with his hometown only. According to her teachers, she was an obedient and timely student. She always liked the game before education. She could only speak English.

Wanda Ferton Education:

In his school days, Wanda won many competitions as a young athlete and participated in several sports activities. In 2005, Wanda married Bill Goldberg and in 2006, the beautiful couple was awarded a boy named Gage AJ. Goldberg. He is currently in high school and the school team is busy in rugby football. As a proud parent, he was present to support his son in the match.

Steve Goldberg and Mike Gold are the cousins of the Gage Gauge who played a major role in needing all their love for the gauge in childhood days. Allen Ferton, Ethiopian Goldberg, Guyan Ferton, and Jed Goldberg are beautiful grandparents of the gauge. Wanda feels fortunate and happy that there is a husband like a husband who is a gentleman in every way. A family of three people is currently living a civilized life in the United States. Although they live a very passionate life, they work like ordinary people.

Wanda Ferton Carrier:

Wanda Furton is an incredible stunt actress like her husband, Wanda has worked in the entertainment industry. She has played many roles in Hollywood as a double woman. His remarkable performance in several films has won the film’s “Golden Star Award” nomination and “Audience Award” in the film. He worked as a stunt actress from 2000 to 2007, the most dedicated to her work.

Wanda Forton Work Life:

He worked with another movie, Ararat (2002) and ginger. Start and many others. Santa’s murder is a film where fans can see Wanda Ferton and Bill Goldberg together with their act. The couple met for the first time on this set. After starting her relationship, she began to end her career as a stunt actor as she takes care of her family. The bill no longer acts as a wrestler. In 2007, she once again appeared with her husband as a warden’s assistant in the television film half -past. In addition, she also worked as a television host in Jay Leno’s garage.

Wanda Ferton Net worth:

Wanda Ferton has earned a fair amount of money from his work as Stunt Woman. Its estimated gross value is 1 million (2020). The main source of acting is a stunt and acting. The second source of his income is the shop and he is the co -owner of the “hide na chic”. It is paid beautifully by his profession. Although Wanda Ferton’s husband has an estimated gross worth of an estimated $ 14 million, the couple lives in a $ 2.5 million royal mansion. Ferton is living in a royal house with her husband and son, located in Bonusal, California. The mansion was built in the Mediterranean style, spreading 4,600 square feet in 17.5 acres.

Wanda Forton on social media:

Wanda is quite active on social media. Fans are mostly watching their family photos sharing on social media platforms. It is praised all over the Internet for his compassion and simplicity. On the other hand, her husband Bill Goldberg is inactive on social media, so for his worldwide fan base, Wanda regularly updates his fans with beautiful and attractive pictures. Wanda is a huge animal lover and is often seen clicking pictures with them. She also loves dogs and her pet is called Martin and Barrett. The most interesting facts are that zebra and deer are very few in their form. Looking at her love for animals, you can stick to her Instagram. It has 8663 followers and 805 posts on Instagram. She often does not use Twitter.

Facts about Wanda Ferton:

She is the second youngest girl of five siblings. He spent the day of his childhood in the Mont Marry.
Stunt actress Wanda is quite active on social networking sites on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She has sexy deep brown eyes and blonde hair that makes her more glamorous
Wanda was born in Canada but later he moved to the United States

  • Wanda net worth $ 14 million.
  • She is married to Bill Goldberg.
  • Bill and Wanda are both stunt performers.
  • Wanda has also worked in several films. He began his career in the film Errit in 2002.


Wanda Furton, like her husband, is an excellent stunt actor who has worked in the leisure sector. She has appeared as a double woman in several films. His excellent performance in various films received his nominations for the “Golden Star Award” and the “Audience Award”. He worked as a stunt actress from 2000 to 2007, the most dedicated to her work.