Virtual Music Concert On A Virtual Interaction Platform In 2022

Ever since the pandemic has depicted the actuality and necessity of virtual interaction platforms as a conferencing medium for every industry, starting from the bottom to top-notch, musicians are conducting virtual music concerts live. Though platforms like Soundcloud have existed since 2008, wherein musicians from all around the world can share their audio and collaborate with other musicians breaking the physical shackles of countries. However, the pandemic has given this wave a new and futuristic direction.

Now, the musicians do not have to struggle or depend on big production houses to launch them. Instead, they can simply go live on any social media platform, especially YouTube and Instagram, and form a well-grounded marketing strategy to promote themselves.


Let’s learn the basics of hosting a virtual music concert in 2022:

  • Choosing the right platform: It’s one of the most crucial stages to gaining success as a musician on social media and becoming a content creator. There are various platforms to host your music concert, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Dacast, etc., but the question is which one suits your needs, like offering numerous monetization ways.
  1. Here are a few things to consider before picking up a platform to go live and host your virtual concert:
    Audio and video quality have to be perfect. Any technical glitch in the audio or video quality means ruining your user’s experience.
  2. Viewer’s limit is also one of the things to consider while hosting a virtual webinar or concert because the viewers can exceed your expectations.
  3. The platform must offer you various monetization methods to increase your income.
  4. Security is one of the key factors to consider while hosting a paid webinar or virtual concert.

CallXP is one of the most suitable options for hosting live events, virtual concerts, and even virtual music classes.

  • Setup your musical equipment: Though the technology and the emergence of virtual interaction platforms have made it unchallenging and easy to host a virtual music concert and go live just with the help of your smartphone, however there is a necessity to set some basic equipment before you begin.

Some of the crucial equipment to consider are virtual music concert:

  1. A High-resolution video camera
  2. A microphone to record crystal clear audio
  3. An audio mixer to combine the voices of multiple singers.
  • Fix the right time to stream your virtual music concert: When you are a content creator and hosting virtual music webinars, classes, and concerts, your viewership is spread around the globe. So, it becomes a necessity to figure out the right time to conduct the music concert.

For instance, hosting a music concert on weekends is always a good idea because everyone loves music. And, if you are on the verge of building your personal brand from rock bottom, hosting the event at the right time should be a part of your marketing strategy.

CallXP can become your guide in this journey to establish your personal brand. From creating your own website consisting of all the necessary details and giving it a personal touch to bringing in potential clients or prospects for your webinars, music classes, or concerts.

  • Monetize your virtual concert: Every content creator, big or small, works to earn a stable income. Before selecting the right platform to host your virtual music concert. you must consider the various. Ways of monetization it offers to a musician.

On CallXP, you can host a paid webinar, music classes. And virtual music concerts with the backing of the CallXP’s payment gateway. The virtual monetization platform.  Offers content creators various ways to earn a stable income.  And switch their hobby to a full-time career option.

The numerous ways in which a content creator or a musician can make money on CallXP:

They can conduct paid occasional webinars to engage with their audience and listen to their feedback.
Musicians can also teach music and earn by hosting their own music classes.
Paid virtual music concerts are one of the most obvious ways to monetize the skillset of a musician.
Also, musicians can engage with their audience on a one-on-one basis. Whoever is willing to pay for the sessions can book their slot by checking the calendar of the musician.

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