Unique Ways To Pack Your Cakes In Custom Boxes

In confectionery item nowadays cakes are one of the most important. They are widely used for almost every occasion either it’s a wedding, party, just a random visitor for congratulating someone for their achievements and success. It is one of the yummiest, mouthwatering as well as scrumptious confectionery item that has its increasing demand by every passing day. The cake industry also has been revolutionized with the passage of time. The revolution just not happy in the making and decoration of the cake, but it also has its deep roots and effects on the packaging of the cakes as well. The themed cakes are ordered for the themed birthday parties and packed in custom cake boxes.

The cake boxes are though available in custom retail packaging yet, the outlook has to change as per the demands and requirements of the customers. With the passage of time, different designs are assigned for packaging of cakes for every occasion which are now easily available in markets at quite cheap costs.

Custom Cake Boxes

In the present blog, we are offering some of the cake boxes designs that are not only suitable for described occasions and are also easily available for custom retail packaging at any custom boxes manufacturing. The unique designs for different occasions are listed below:

  • Round cakes like packaging:

What will be the ideal packaging for a themed cake? Somehow the answer can be that it should be similar like the cake or its theme. The rectangular and square cakes are not that much in demand nowadays. The round cakes are much more popular and are always asked for. The round cake boxes are usually required for birthdays and kids’ parties where cakes are based on the themes and the customized cake-like packaging is required to present the image of a cake given in the form of a gift.

  • Transparent Packaging:

The frequent question that would come into your mind after reading this title would be what is a transparent packaging? The transparent packaging is actually transparent packaging. As its name suggests, it is a simple plastic packaging That does not have any kind of logo or anything around it.

A cake is simply placed into a transparent Plastic bag. The reason behind using transparent packaging is quite simple that the customer would have a clear idea of what is the shape, texture as well as colour and theme of the cake.

Custom Cake Boxes With Handle

A cake with a transparent packaging simply comes with a receipt that shows its ingredients, Price, Life and usability of the product packed inside. This kind of packaging is usually used for the cakes that are used for fulfilling the commercial requirements i. e. for the cakes without any theme.

  • Handled Boxes:

This is the kind of box that has been described by its title. This kind of box has a handle on the top of it. This handle is used for carrying the cake with ease, comfort as well as with safety. The custom box with handles comes with a definite purpose i. e. to deliver the cake with security as most of the cakes get damaged by the sides or from the top due to poor handling of the cakes.

This kind of packaging is suitable for almost all kinds of cakes but it is specifically used for bestowing a quite decent look for delivering the cake.


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