5 Trending Designs for Custom Printed Boxes

Boxes that are simple and plain can never initiate the buying decision of customers. Brands need to boost up their games of designing and customizing the boxes by giving customers what they want. Essentially designed packaging through customization offers consumers perfect boxes and wrapping for goods and items. The custom printed boxes have all the same features of visually enhanced and customized packages with an added feature of printing. These modified prints on boxes allow a business to expand its visibility and readability of products and brands in the market. It is one of the many other ways to guide proper information of products, to the consumers, in the most efficient manner. It is the reason why these boxes work as tools of marketing and advertisement for businesses. Product-oriented brands need to offer significant information to customers for heightened productivity.

Some Trending Designs

Every product-related organization needs packaging to engage more customers into buying. These organizations need to boost their sales. There are several ways to attract customers towards the products. One of the best ways is by getting the assistance of boxes. Unlike old times, boxes work as tools of marketing for products and brands. Customization of simple boxes into something that elevates the visibility and readability in the market is mandatory. This is where custom boxes step in to step up the game of business. Therefore, visually enhance prints can attract more customers to the brand. Some trending designs for custom packaging boxes to increase the efficacy are given as follows:

1. Single colored boxes – Foil Printing

The best way to attract customers in a retail environment is by offering them something they cannot refuse to look at. Single colored boxes offered by organizations catch maximum eyes of customers. It is because of their simplicity and elegance outshine other design formats. Other than being simple and elegant, it is very easy to print on these boxes. The custom prints are easily visible and readable. However, it is vital to use an appropriate color scheme of typography. Moreover, there is another way to use this idea i.e., by foiling. Foiling on simple cardboard boxes enhances their visual appeal. The gold and silver foiling give the packaging a more premium look.


2. Sleek Box with high Graphics

Customized boxes can be manufactured by the sleek design format using the highest form of graphics. These visually appealing boxes are known for their glossy look to attract the maximum amount of customers towards the brand and offered products. Abstract artwork on the boxes via printing provides the brand with amazing returns of more traffic that, in return, is the main reason for the increase in sales. Using trendy and outshining boxes is beneficial for any product-oriented business; however, these are mostly used for products of cosmetics.

3. An Organic Themed Box

A brand needs to know why and what they are targeting. The packaging design for a custom box should depend on the type of product and the demand of the consumer. For organic products, an organic themed box suits the best. These boxes are manufacture using plain white prints with graphical images of a single flower or plant. These are the most attractive form of containing the products with efficacy.


4. Internal Prints – A box with Flaps

Innovative techniques to elevate the presence of the brand always get more recognition from the market. One of the best ways that appeal to customers is to enhance the unboxing experience. Printing is not always to highlight and outshine the outer layer of the box; it can customize the inner side as well. Therefore, printing on the inside of a box with flaps can easily excite customers. Using offset and digital modes of printing for imprints of abstracts or texts is beneficial and a trendy look for the custom boxes.

5. Box with Embossed Logo

Embossment gives out a premium and luxury look to the packaging. Custom boxes for business need a type of packaging that brands the product accordingly. Brand conscious customers always look for logos on the package. Therefore, custom boxes with logo that is emboss on the packaging always enhance the outlook and appeal of packages.


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