Top 6 Data Science Startups to Work for in 2021


Data science is an emerging field witnessing a gradual increase in popularity and utility. As people all over the world tend to produce more amounts of user data, the need for utilizing that massive amount of data kind of promotes data science to be a separate discipline. Today’s data scientists are expected to command adeptness in machine learning, R and python programming languages, and statistics. With specific training and experience, a data scientist can play the role of a big data analyst and maybe the role of a business analyst. The versatility of a data scientist is, however, rewarded very well if placed in the right industry. This article will concentrate on a few not so boring means of making a life out of data science.

Oden Technologies

Oden technologies are a prominent name when it comes to smart factories. The company provides an AL enabled system which helps to improve production capabilities of its clients. Oden’s AI tech allows real-time monitoring of production dynamics and performance analytics of a company. Oden technologies delivers data at the fingertips of leaders and managers for an accurate overview of the production capabilities of a factory. Oden technologies made planning a production schedule easier than ever. 


Spoonshot is everything related to food technology. A data analyst working at Spoonshot might gain exposure from cooks, biologists, nutritionists and food technologists from all over the world. Spoonshot utilizes big data in order to create personalized menus and solve the biggest problems of the food industry. Spoonshot is one of the pioneers in the use of taste intelligence for product development. Humanity cannot survive without food, which makes working to spoonshot a sustainable option.


Siren is an artificially intelligent investigative platform. The AI of Siren uses a data model trained for discovery of associated data. The company deals with operational monitoring and links disconnected paradigms for better process efficiency. Siren can find a stolen vehicle driven by someone of a certain age group who had had their phone in a similar location previously. Working at Siren is prestigious and will provide a fast paced experience. 


This data science consultancy company is powered by Python Dash Technologies and R shiny. Appsilon undertakes tasks like processing satellite images for locating, say, a vehicle or a ship. The co-founders of appsilon combined their previous experiences from Google, Microsoft, Bank of America and UBS and founded this amazing venture.The company is also famous for developing innovative machine learning models. Clearly, working at appsilon it can never get boring. 

Health [at] scale technologies

Hailing from San Jose, this Silicon Valley-based company is poised to become the world leader in artificially intelligent healthcare administration. The company is famous for its use of big data analytics in order to administer the right treatment at the right time to the right patient. Additionally, the company is working closely with top American universities like MIT and the University of Harvard to increase variations in their abilities. The company is the leader of precision medicine in the United States of America and is gradually spreading its sphere of influence all over the world.


The Japanese company Cinnamon is providing companies with smart artificially intelligent document readers able to extract value from structured and unstructured data. This service is saving a lot of time and resources of Cinnamon’s client companies. The startup is located in Tokyo but is rapidly expanding. To satisfy the heightened demand, the company is recruiting only the most gifted data analysts. Cinnamon holds offices in Taiwan, the United States of America and Vietnam, making it an excellent choice for young enthusiasts. 


Before embarking on a job search and even thinking about settling with data science, good training and certification is required. Due to the variety of roles a data scientist plays, “at work” training is most essential. Analytical errors accumulated with other operational errors can devastate small ventures and can paralyse bigger businesses. Employers tend to hire data scientists only from reputed institutes and make them go through a challenging evaluation process.

For at-work training and strong certification, a data science enthusiast in India should look for data analytics courses in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Gurgaon for better opportunities. These cities are the tech hubs of the country and Bangalore especially holds the title of Silicon Valley of India. Though just for education relocation is not recommended. But if interested in industry class training, a student should listen to the call of greater knowledge and follow its lead.


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