TOP 5 Useful PDF Tools You Can Enjoy on PDFBear


As long as the file format cannot be changed, you will need to use PDF as your file type for printing documents. Many programs, such as PDFBear, are available to assist you with your PDF editing assignment. It is a web-based application that provides a variety of functions that are simple to operate.

PDFBear eliminates the need for any additional tasks that are not strictly necessary. All of the operations can be completed in a matter of seconds with a few mouse clicks. Please take a look at the following amazing tools provided by PDFBear. These features will undoubtedly be useful, especially if you work with a large number of PDF files daily.

  • Rotate PDF

The Rotate PDF online tool of PDFBear is dependable and simple to use. It’s never been simpler to rotate a PDF, whether single or multiples. With the tool’s easy interface, documents may be turned in and applied instantly. At the same time, this tool ensures data security. An hour after the process is completed, all of the files that were rotated are permanently deleted. Nobody else has a copy of it, and no one has easy access to it since PDFBear will not just leak the info inside. On all platforms, you can adjust the position of the page. Everything takes place in the browser of the document’s owner, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux. When it comes to how users want their documents angled, the tool completely respects their settings. The rotations persist even after the owners have downloaded the materials.

  • Add Watermarks to PDF Files

PDFBear is an effective online application that can perform virtually any task related to PDF management. Personalizing and signing your PDFs implies privacy and possession by including your own flavor and mark. Adding a watermark to some corporate data is necessary to draw attention to the fact that a particular file is protected by copyright.

Watermarking a PDF file allows you to legally claim ownership of the document. PDFBear allows you to include watermarks in your PDF documents. In addition, the procedures are rather basic. Navigate to your PDF file, submit it to the PDFBear add watermark tool, input the text or upload the picture you want to use as a watermark, and click “Add Watermark.” Decide on the best location for your watermark and save your modifications. You may now see and download your newly edited PDF document.

  • Compress PDFs

If you work in a large organization that deals with hundreds of papers from a variety of sources, you are likely to be very familiar with PDFs. These are some of the most commonly used files in the corporate industry since they are the most convenient to use and maintain. If you’ve been having problems with disk space or online uploading, you might be interested in learning how to compress a PDF document.

PDFBear is an online application that can help you with any PDF issues that you may be experiencing. Because PDFs are inherently less changeable, it is common for them to be inaccessible when they contain a large number of high-resolution graphics or photographs. Because of the nature of the portable document format, you are unable to erase the pages that include the photos that take up valuable real estate.

One of the most straightforward ways to address this issue is to compress your PDF file, which means shrinking the file size without losing its overall quality. If you prefer file size to facilitate faster uploading and sharing, you will have to make a small compromise in the quality of your file as a result of compressing its information.

  • PDF Reader

If you continuously use PDFBear, you will not be required to employ or locate any web program to read or see your PDF documents. Users will be able to quickly read or preview their PDF files, modify them or make the necessary adjustments, and then print them after using the PDF Reader tool. With the SAAS platform, you can always see any PDF documents on your computer or mobile device without the need to download or acquire any additional software.

It will lighten your load if you want to preview your files on the move, and handling your documents, such as printing, sharing, and amending your documents, is only a few clicks away with this PDF Reader. Start putting it to use right now, and the actions to do are outlined here.

For starters, you may simply drag or upload the PDF document into PDFBear’s preview tab to begin viewing it. This online tool will display the document you supplied in a format that is easy to read and navigate through. You have the ability to print, share, preview, and change your file at this time if you so desire. Finally, to make use of the freshly converted or altered PDF file, click on the “Download” link.

  • Split PDFs

Most people have probably had problems with newly filed reports and paperwork that were submitted in PDF format. It’s troubling because PDF is a format that can’t be altered in any way. Those who oppose this strategy advocate for a thorough rewrite of the document. It does, however, take an inordinate amount of time. With today’s technology and advancement, you may easily divide a PDF file into several pages without any problems. The Split PDF tool from PDFBear makes the process as simple as possible.


The digital realm is vast and unfathomable in its scope. In comparison to our physical reality, it has the potential to be far more unknown and frightening. Similar to how there are things that can be used to make our lives a little simpler in the actual world, there are things that can be used to make our lives a little easier in the virtual world. Having access to these resources can assist us in navigating a variety of situations that may arise in our lives. Some of these developments can be seen in the PDFBear tools, for instance. This application allows us the opportunity to repair any early mistakes we make in our files, which we may not have noticed otherwise.

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