Top 5 Floral Gift Ideas To Win Special Someone’s Heart You Love

Flowers are one of the most popular gift items for pretty much any and every occasion- they come in a lot of variety therefore much easier for you to choose from, they are easily available, they are loved by everyone so it’s always a safe choice, plus they also come in various price ranges, therefore you will always find one according to your budget.

Even though giving a flower bunch is a good option as a gift for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc., you can also choose from other floral gift items that are much more unique and will for sure stand out among the other gifts the recipient receives. Are you wondering what gifts we are talking about?

Here are some amazing floral gift ideas for you to choose from among for your loved ones-

  • Floral Teddy Bears

Floral teddy bears are not just beautiful but they are absolutely adorable as well. They come in various colours like red, white, pink, etc. and are most made up of roses (fresh/artificial) and thus popularly also known as Rose Teddy Bears. Whether you are giving this to a 16 year old girl on her birthday or to a pregnant woman on her baby shower, or as a welcome home gift for a newborn, this is definitely a very unique and thoughtful gift. It surely will be well appreciated by the recipient, no matter who he or she is!

  • Floral hampers

Whether you choose a gift hamper made up of just flowers on a beautiful tray and decorated with fairy lights, balloons, etc. or one which has flowers along with other items like chocolates, cookies, etc., a floral hamper is something that is loved pretty much by anyone and everyone all over the world. Don’t believe us? Send one out to your loved one on the next occasion and experience them falling in love with this gift!

  • Floral frame

There are more than one kind of floral frames- you can choose a floral photo frame, a floral number frame or even a floral letter frame. For example, on your parents’ 25th anniversary you can gift them a floral number frame- it’s basically a frame in the shape of the number “25”, placed on a stand and filled with fresh or artificial flowers of your choice. Similarly, on a loved one’s wedding you can gift him or her a floral letter frame of the initials of the bride and the groom or of the wedding hashtag, either way it’s going to be a very special and thoughtful gift!

  • Flower combo

You know what’s even better than just fresh flowers? Flower combos! Whether it’s a predesigned combo or one that is manually chosen by you and thus customised according to the recipient’s choice- combos are surely a great way to win hearts. Include items like fresh flowers, freshly baked cake, chocolates, card (preferable handwritten), etc. and make it a combo to remember!

You can include any flower in the combo- Roses, Lilies, Peonies, Carnations, Orchids, Tulips, etc., anything that you feel the recipient will like. Don’t worry about not getting any flowers online in the local flower market on the day, you can now very easily get any fresh flower delivered at your doorstep on any day at any time. Can you believe that even Lilies delivery online is not a big deal anymore?

  • Flower bouquets

Flowers bouquets never really go out of style, we hope by now you have realised this. Whether it’s a small floral bouquet or a big one, each flower bouquet is beautiful and special in it’s own way. Send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, or any other city in India from anywhere in the world and bring a smile on your loved one’s face right away. The best part about flower bouquets is that you can customise it according to your choice and include any flower you want- there’s no flower that can never go in a bouquet.

Floral gifts are the most perfect way to win someone’s heart- so, what are you even waiting for? Place your flower order already and send the special gift to your special one right away!


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