Top 3 Great DIY Birthday Banner Ideas

Everyone knows the importance of high-quality and attractive birthday banners for birthday party celebrations. Without the birthday banners, the decorations of the birthday party would look incomplete.

Whether it’s the birthday of an adult or a newborn, birthday banners are extremely capable of generating a positive impact. They will also complement the party theme. Not to mention, birthday banners will make the birthday boy or girl feel special. Creating birthday banners on your own will not only give you full control over the customization but also help you showcase your appreciation perfectly.

Here are the top 3 great DIY birthday banner ideas you should remember.

The Letter Shape Birthday Banner

This type of birthday banner is perfect for a newborn baby. As Per Parents, make sure you know the theme before throwing a birthday party. However, the letter-shaped birthday banners are also great for personalizing any type of birthday occasion. You will need scissors, cardboard, paper templates, a hole puncher, and other types of eye-catching decorating stuff to create the letter shape birthday banner. Here are the instructions to create this type of birthday banner:

  • First, choose the sheets for the card. Make sure you chose as many sheets as you want as per the customization of the letters. For instance, if you want to write ‘happy birthday Dave’ on the birthday banner, you need to use 17 sheets.
  • Use Google to find the perfect letter template. You can trace the letters onto the card and cut them carefully.
  • After you’re done cutting all the letters, the next step is to decorate them with all sorts of crafts and arts. If the letters are looking good, assemble them onto the banner.

Paper Chin Birthday Banner

This is one of the best birthday signs that would enhance the ambiance of the birthday party. Even though paper chin isn’t considered a traditional form of birthday banner, they look effective and eye-catching. You’ll need colored papers, scissors, glue, and decorating stuff to create this banner. Make sure you follow the instructions:

  • Cut the A4 paper into strips. Make sure the cuts aren’t too thick or thin.
  • Take the first paper strip and curl it around so that the two ends meet. You can use glue to stick the end on top of the other.
  • After that, take another paper strip and loop it through the chain. Make sure you curl it around the same way as the first.
  • Continue the process as long as you want your birthday banners to be. You can also decorate it using other types of paper strips.

Peg Birthday Banner

This happy birthday banner is another popular type of banner available for birthday events. This birthday banner is simple yet effective. You will need string, wooden pegs, cardboard, and tons of decorating stuff to create this banner. Follow this instruction to crate this banner:

  • Take the cupboard and create equal shapes out of it. You could choose any shape such as circle, square, rectangle, etc. You can also showcase your creativity by choosing stars or hearts. Make sure you cut plenty of shapes out of the cupboard.
  • Draw the letters onto the card shape. This way you can spell anything you like.
  • After that, use the wooden pegs and attach the shapes as per the string line.


These are the top 3 great DIY birthday banner ideas you need to know. Do you have any questions? Comment below to let us know.

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