Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Home Internet Connection

Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Home Internet Connection

With so much work happening remotely these days, some internet connection is our biggest asset. In fact, the majority of the Americans and by majority we mean three-quarters of the Americans believe that internet connection at home is just as important as water and electricity. This is not exaggerating. The recent Consumer Reports survey has some stats to prove this.

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Internet connection is helping people working from home to maintain their job and studying from home to maintain a future. But many people that are either practicing isolation or trying to stay in their home after the coronavirus disaster are dependent upon the internet for sanity calls. A good internet connection helps people to stream their favorite TV shows, movies and to even connect to their friends and families that they are unable to meet as the virus fears are still crawling. But apart from all this, the internet helps us in staying aware of all that is happening around us. How would you know that people are fighting against the virus through vaccination? Many countries have started accepting tourists. People are trying to get back on their feet by restarting their businesses. And a lot more is happening in the world but we can only get this information through the internet.

However, if your home internet connection is slow then you might not be able to enjoy anything at all. A slow internet connection is way worse than no internet at all. A slow intent connection pushes you to attend that important video conference from your boss but then it put you in the spot where you have no choice but to run in circles to find the best internet strength. A slow internet connection will push you to open your webcam for presentation but as soon as you will calm your nerves it will start acting up. A slow internet connection will help you in setting up a virtual movie night with your friends but a soon as everyone joins it will decide to show its true colors.

If you are surviving with a slow internet connection then we have some tips to help you fix it.

The First Thing To do

If the internet connection at your home is slow or glitchy the first thing you need to do is to pinpoint the problems. Sometimes your internet connection is okay from the inside and the actual problem lies outside your home. Unless you do not get to the root cause of the problem you can never come up with the right solution. If a problem lies outside your circle then you will be needing to call the internet service provider – the company, to fix it. However, sometimes the problem is with the router or with the internet-connected devices. In such a situation you need to come with a better solution other than calling the company.

First thing first – test your internet speed.

There are some easy ways to check your internet speed. You can check it through MeasurementLab or Speedtest With a click or two, you will be able to see the upload and download speed that you have with your current internet plan. If the internet speed is slower than the maximum speed you signed up for then it is time to ring a bell to your internet service provider.

However, if you have checked that the internet speed delivered to you is the same as you signed for, then the problem might be somewhere else.

Is your Wi-Fi a problem?

Sometimes your Wi-Fi that provides internet signals to the internet-connected devices in your home can cause a lot more problems than you have anticipated. If this is the case then you can try some of the fixes mentioned below.

Try moving your router: The classic fix. Your router is sometimes placed at a place where it is impossible for the little thing to work its best. You need to make sure that you put your router in a high place in your room. You should also make sure it is placed at the center of the house so that every corner of your home receives a good stretch.

Use an Ethernet cord: A Ethernet cord is great for those who are working from home. You can easily purchase an Ethernet cord for $10 or more and save your day.

Change the ISP

If you have tried everything and still the internet is not performing well then it is time to change your internet service provider. For example, Cox Internet provides high-speed internet at affordable rates. You can check the list of internet service providers in your area and choose the best for your home.

Fix or Change

Sometimes, changing the internet service provider is way better than trying to fix the current one. However, you can always try your best with the little fixies mentioned above

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