5 Tips To Speed Up Checkout Process

Simply put, a faster payment checkout process means more sales within a shorter period. Besides that, it is a crucial component of high standard customer service as no one likes to go through a lengthy checkout once they have selected their items to purchase. That is why speedy checkout is essential for both customers and merchants. Here are some tips to ensure a business rings buyers up as quickly as possible, and keeps the order closing, sales flowing, and customers smiling.

Optimize the Checkout with More Payment Options

Buyers are most comfortable buying from sites offering their preferred payment mode. Optimizing the e-Commerce store with various payment options accelerates the checkout process with a minimal cart abandonment rate.

Minimize Form Fields

Although different e-Commerce sites have different form fields on their checkout page, depending on the information required to fulfill the order, remember that less is more when it comes to checkout details. According to statistics, around 70% of customers abandon their online shopping carts without completing the order, and 26% of them do so because they find the checkout process too complicated or lengthy.

The best payment processing solutions only collect the required information from the customers with a minimal number of form fields. Therefore, merchants must work on simplifying their form appearance to smoothen the checkout flow. Ideally, a checkout page must not have more than 6-8 form fields. To cut them down, some tactics may be using a single field for the customer’s name instead of separate fields for first, middle, and last names, setting billing addresses the same as shipping addresses by default, etc.

Eliminate Mandatory Registrations

Some e-Commerce websites make it mandatory for buyers to sign-up or register before making a payment. According to a survey, 34% of buyers abandon their carts for this reason. One solution would be to enable guest checkouts. Remember, checkout is not the best time to build relationships. The customer’s name, address, and phone number are enough for now to complete the order. The merchant may bring their customers back and convince them to register with quality service and timely delivery, thereby saving time at payment checkout.

Save Buyer Details and Autofill for Them

Buyers do not want to re-enter their details every time they shop at a site. A good payment gateway will save these details once the buyer enters them and auto-fills them the next time they place an order. Auto filling the buyer information prevents frustration and saves time at the checkout.

Increase Page Loading Speed

Increasing the checkout page loading speed not only saves time but also reduces the cart abandonment rate. A sluggish website is detrimental to an e-Commerce business, as visitors do not wait for more than three seconds for a page to load.

Best quality payment processing solutions bring convenience and accelerate the checkout process with up-to-date systems and technologies. Since checkout speed is a vital component of customer experience, evaluating an e-Commerce website’s checkout speed, using the tips mentioned above to speed it up, and improving the areas where it lags is essential for an overall speedy checkout.

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