Tips to Score Well in IMO Class 6 Exam

Class 6 Exam

Olympiad exams which are competitive exam is usually a tough challenge that is not so easy to get through. It turns out to be a matter of concern for most students aspiring to secure a good rank. For many students, meeting the criteria of such a Math Competition involves a lot of effort and determination. A student must devote a good amount of energy and time in order to comprehend the concepts and crack the test. The Olympiad tests are often considered to be one of the most prestigious exams which have a vital role in the intellectual growth of students. By participating in such tests students receive commendable improvements in academics as well as in real life.

Students of Class 1 to Class 12 are welcome to participate in this exam as it is open for them. This competition helps the students to assess their knowledge, problem-solving ability, and reasoning skill in their respective subjects.

Aspiring students who are keen to participate in this exam are advised to know well about the entire necessary information so that they don’t miss anything. The students will be getting question papers based on their school curriculum as well as on everyday Maths, Logical and Mathematical calculations, etc. most of the time.

There is a chance for students to consider this as an additional burden to their already hectic schedule of annual exams but in fact, is the opposite as they are conducted predominantly on the source of the curriculum of the school which in return act as a boon to their academic performance. To secure a reasonable rank in these exams, the students must be thorough with a theoretical acquaintance on Maths besides having a solid foundation.

Besides the aptitude and logical reasoning questions, decisive and trickier questions can also appear for the exam. The students should therefore get familiar with all sorts of questions in order to tackle them with ease and possessing a clear knowledge about the syllabus would make it easier to answer the questions correctly.

It’s quite common among students to get baffled on ‘how to begin preparations for the Math Olympiad as it can be challenging for the students appearing for the first time. But, if you approach it with a burning desire to secure a good rank, then the following tips would help you crack it.

Getting Familiar with the Syllabus

You need to collect all the details of the exam and the pattern regarding the syllabus. Though the curriculum is the same as that of school, it should not be necessary for the same type of questions to come. The difficulty level could vary to a great extend as it is not just any other exam that assesses your knowledge. This exam helps you evaluate skills besides your academics.

Practicing with Earlier Question Papers

Practicing on previous years’ question papers is a crucial step as it hones your preparation. You can collect such sample papers, which provide answers and solutions from the internet or any other platform through various sources. It is the best way of preparing yourself for the final exam.

Creating a Timetable

Having a timetable not only helps you to stay motivated but also to have time for covering all chapters. The chances for us to panic at the last moment can be avoided by opting for a well-revised timetable. Besides that, for students who are prone to anxiety or nervousness, considering a strategy or a plan would help them to lessen the effect of it.

Strengthening the Crucial Concepts

Take notice of the types of questions that are asked frequently. Those can be expected for your exam as well. Therefore practice on topics that seem more important and work on them. Along with that, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and study accordingly.

Remaining Optimistic

Our minds can play tricks on us when we are under an immense amount of stress and pressure. To expect them and prepare for them beforehand would be an ideal thing to do as an aspirant. Have an optimistic mindset. Because success is a mixture of sincere effort along with absolute confidence in oneself. If you are confident enough to face the exam half the job is done.

Performing Customary Self-Assessment

As the basics act as the foundation for steps above it, we have to do a check every now and then to make sure it’s not forgotten. Since math consists of sequential chapters it is necessary to hold on to the concepts of the previous chapter as that can come in the future. Skipping topics in between can cause you to get more confused. Revision is a crucial factor in keeping your memories intact. The more revisions you make the more perfect you become at the concepts.

Focussing on Weaknesses

Focusing on our weaknesses and improving them can improve our grades. The more time you spend on topics you lack confidence the more you can improve on those areas. The lack of confidence is another reason for your poor performance. Therefore make sure you perfect your weak topics, that way the only thing that stands between you and your goal would be just you.

Seeking Advice from the Teacher

When it comes to taking guidance or assistance, approaching your teacher is the best choice. Since they are experienced enough they are considered as the better option who can advise on what questionnaires and workbooks you need to refer to ahead of the exams. Taking their advice can be exceptionally effective in clearing all the doubts and also in securing good marks. Asking for help from your seniors would also be a good idea as they have already appeared for the exam.


It is extremely important to take good care of your health as it contributes to your performance on the day of the exam. Students often ignore the fact that the brain only functions when it’s given the adequate amount of rest and nutrition it needs. Make sure you include food that is good for your brain in your diet.

You can also refer to Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 6 Maths 2015.

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