Every business needs marketing to get sales, and online marketing is more relevant and important today than ever. Even if you are not going to do digital marketing yourself, you still need to understand it to get someone else to do it efficiently. 

This article is a brief guide to help you start promoting your business on the internet without wasting any resources.

Understand Online Marketing

Online marketing, also called digital marketing or internet marketing, is mainly divided into three major categories. 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing

There are also tactics like affiliate marketing, but the above mentioned are the most important categories. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, both, are further divided into two categories.

  • Advertising: For paid visitors, subscribers, viewers, or followers.
  • Optimization: For organic visitors, subscribers, viewers, or followers.

Hire an SEO Analyst

SEO is considered the most important part of online marketing as it gets you long-term and organic results. Your website will appear on the result page when someone will search a relevant query. This means that you won’t have to keep investing in ads to keep getting sales or followers.

Make sure you take the help of a professional for consultation before you hire someone for SEO or start investing in it. You should know all the roles and responsibilities of an SEO analyst so your expectations are realistic.

Start with Paid Advertising

While SEO is important, you should start by running paid ads. You can run ads both on search engines and social media. It takes time to rank on search engines and build a social media following. This means you will barely get any views on your posts and visitors to the website in the beginning. 

Paid advertising helps increase brand awareness and get sales when no one knows you. Meanwhile, you should keep investing in SEO. It won’t get you results right away and takes at least six months. However, you won’t have to invest as much in paid advertising once you start getting organic traffic.

Build Your Social Channels

Investing time and resources on social media channels is at least as important as search engine marketing because they are used by nearly four billion people. 

On average, a person spends about 145 minutes on social media websites every day. This makes it easier to reach out and engage them. Make sure you work on paid social advertising and build organic followers.

Don’t Ignore Email Marketing

Email marketing is pretty simple compared to other categories, but you also need to understand the types of emails and their objectives before you get started. For example, there are several types of email sequences that help nurture leads and get sales. 

You might think that most people ignore marketing emails and there is no point in investing here. However, email marketing still offers the highest return on investment compared to any other channel. After all, you only need a good email pitch to get started with this form of online marketing.