Salesforce is modern CRM-based software and has created significant importance in the technology industry. More and more customers are signing contracts daily, which means that the demand for salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants increases day by day. This demand indicates that this is the right time to start your career in Salesforce.

Starting a Salesforce certification career isn’t that difficult as it is thought to be. However, the initial processing may take time. Are you planning to jump-start your career in Salesforce? If yes, then continue reading this article as it will make things easier for you. Here we will put a detailed analysis on starting your career in Salesforce.

5 Steps to Start Your Career in Salesforce

These five steps will ease the process of starting your career in Salesforce.

1. Create Free Admin Playground Account

The first thing you need to do is create a free #AwesomeAdmin edition account. This account will grant you access to all the features and functionalities of Salesforce. The account will enable you to explore the latest features and get hands-on experience with the application.

The admin account serves to be your portal to learning and portal for Salesforce. The admin logins are 100% free and will remain active provided you log in at least once every six months. Using the admin account, you can do the following things:

Install AppExchange packages and test them to become familiar with the installation process

Build custom features and functionalities in Salesforce (for example, custom fields, workflow rules, objects)

Develop and execute APEX code including visual force

Access the Salesforce success community providing an endless supply of salesforce documentation developed by the salesforce community

2. Do Hands-on Practice

After creating an admin account, it’s time to start practicing. Various resources are available using which you can enhance your learning.

Salesforce Trailhead

This is an interactive tool developed by the salesforce community for learning purposes. This tool will help you in learning the basics of Salesforce while earning points and badges. Platform Fundamentals

This detailed book is an old school way of learning Salesforce. It provides in-depth content that will take you into the fundamentals of the application. The book is available in PDF version containing each of the three salesforce releases.

Salesforce Cheat Sheets

Salesforce cheat sheets are a valuable source in Salesforce’s learning process, which can be printed and hung in the office. You can find these cheat sheets at Dreamforce as a nice print and laminated hard-copy.

Zero to Hero

This post series aims to simplify some of the official salesforce documentation and provides an easy method to learn Salesforce’s basics.

Salesforce’s YouTube Channel

This platform is an ideal force for those who like video learning. You can find how-to videos to hour-long Dreamforce session videos on the Salesforce YouTube channel.

3. Get in Touch with User Group and Network

Networking is another beautiful method to master Salesforce. You will find more than 200 user groups around the world. The community creates these groups for the community. These groups provide a meaningful way to learn the platform’s unique features, learn how customers are using Salesforce, and interact with local salesforce talent. This community will not only answer your questions but will also help you find jobs.

4. Take Advantage of Your Social Networks

Social media is an ideal way to build your network and engage with the salesforce community. Salesforce users prefer Twitter; however, you can find them on all social media networks. Initiate conversations with the salesforce community, follow people or topics of your interest.

5. Volunteer

When you feel that you have gained ample knowledge of Salesforce, now it’s the time to implement your knowledge to a real-world scenario. If you are searching for a job in the salesforce industry, volunteering is an excellent way to get started.

Many nonprofit organizations are finding valuable salesforce admins who can work for them on small projects. Join these organizations to enhance your skills and leverage job opportunities.

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