Square Shower Trays – Choosing and installing the right one in your bathroom

The bathrooms come in a wide variety of types and sizes and provide the basis for any shower unit. Square Shower Trays categorizes into different sizes. It ranges from 760mm by 760mm upward and 800mm upward with a radius of 55mm in different shapes. Shower trays can, if space allows, use as a complete enclosure. It happens with a sliding or a pivot door, or together with a walk-in shower enclosure.

The evolution was step-wised in the UK

In the past, shower trays were considering commodity products. The only choice a customer had to add legs to the shower frame to create a shower enclosure with the basic colors were white, Pergamon, and soft cream. Square Shower Trays have higher legs than those without and are easier to plumb because of the expanded space underneath the case.

  • In the last couple of years, the colours of Pergamon and soft cream shower enclosure have taken out of the market. The idea of the shower as a designer product has seen a modern phenomenon. A slim tray that looks beautiful in all shapes and sizes, coupled with 90mm waste, was introduced on the markets. During, 2008 with the first 40mm shower tray in gloss and matt white, the biggest in a shower tray offered to ensure optimum water removal and to eliminate flooding. These Square Shower Trays have designed to complement the set. Ultimately, it creates a modern and stylish bathroom and bathroom package.
  • The advent of lightweight shower trays, which are easier to carry, manage and manipulate, is one area that we are increasing to explore more. At present, some shower panels supplied by multiple individuals. It increases the responsibility of many retailers. The risk of breakages by handling errors is rising. The issue was also that suppliers offered a “door” service. This left the customer with the tough task of carrying the shower tray to the bathroom suite or in-suite entirely responsible for any damage inflicted. Not only can lightweight shower trays solve these problems. But they also do not impact the aesthetics or the overall layout of the trays, which ensures that they will not let you down if pressured.
  • In early 2009, a series of colorful shower trays, including coal, grey, water, magma, the ocean, and marbles, with each individual fleck that reflects the light, became the biggest smash. Each shower tray offers a range of modern colors. These colors, as already seen in the different designs and models of the bathroom suites and bathroom furniture. It offers another mode accessory to the bathroom.

The shower tray has seen a huge change in different ways. Its styles and design have incorporated into space, and manufacturers can add a touch of feel to their en-suite bathrooms.

Multiple options for material 

Before making the measurements for any shower enclosures, shower trays must install. There are various materials that can craft when selecting shower trays. The choice of a base made from highly durable material is important. They make most shower trays of stone resin because they are highly durable and easily withstand water pressure. Acrylic, glass, ceramic, and wood are some other famous materials in Square Shower Trays.

Square Shower Trays at the Royal Bathrooms

Be sure to select trays with a warranty or guarantee when buying a square shower tray. This makes sure you get the most out of your trays. Your home decor is not a place to attempt to cut corner areas. You want to ensure that you use high-quality, reliable, long-lasting materials when installing your showers. Choose the shower tray which verifies and comes with a guarantee that they resist the pressures of everyday use. The square shower tray lasts longer for its equal and balanced edges. Enjoy buying online!


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