Share Seafood Specialties With Captain D’s Shrimp Special Menu

Captain D’s Shrimp Special

We think that eating captain d’s shrimp special seafood can make any dish a special one. Since we opened 50 years ago, our goal has been to make good seafood available to everyone, every day, and to make a place that turns ordinary days into special ones. We want you to feel at ease as we take you to the coast. This starts with the warm smiles of our crew members and the delicious food they make, as well as the new beach-themed decorations in our restaurant.

Seafood for over 50 years and still going

The first Captain Ds On August 15, 1969, Captain D’s forerunner, Captain D’s Shrimp Special and Hamburgers, opened in Donelson, Kentucky. We set out from the start to offer high-quality seafood at reasonable prices, which was a very new idea at the time.

The longer, the better

Who doesn’t like cheap and delicious seafood? The Captain D’s Shrimp Special and Burgers were a hit, and by 1973 we had 15 locations all over the country.

It’s fun to eat at Captain D’s

We think it’s fun to eat at Captain D’s Shrimp Special, and a nice seafood dish for you and your family shouldn’t cost a lot. As we work very hard to make sure that Captain D’s is a place where you can get really good seafood in a nice, family-friendly setting at an unbeatable price. Our team work very hard behind the scenes to make sure that our ingredients are of the highest quality.

The Secret to Great Seafood

No one would argue that we like fish. Traditional American seafood is one of captain d shrimp’s specialties. They also have a few new traditions that add new tastes and flavours that people love. And we do it the best. The best dishes produced with nice ingredients and cooked properly.

Whether we’re making a tried-and-true favourite or something new and delicious, you’ll love it. Since the beginning, we’ve tried to make sure that our Full Meals meet the needs of everyone in your family. When it’s done the Captain D’s Way, you can sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Getting Used To The Tide

In the 1980s and 1990s, as Captain D’s became more popular, we tried out label, exciting menu items and changed our symbol and building design.

Spend money on seafood

In 1974, we changed the name of the business to Captain D’s Shrimp Special so that we could focus more on the classical fish, shrimp, and side meals that our customers liked and for which Captain D’s is now known.

How to Get Along in the Future

Captain D’s main goals over the years have been to offer great food at great prices with even better service. We’re sure you’ll love your Captain D’s Shrimp Special for years to come because of our long history, the time we’ve spent perfecting our seafood dishes, and the friendliness we show to every customer at each of our more than 500 restaurants.

Sea, the Difference

In 2012, we started a brand-new, fine dining renovation to improve our customers’ Captain D’s Shrimp Special experience. As soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll feel like you’re in your favourite beach town, thanks to the beachy atmosphere and friendly vibe we’ve worked so hard to create.

What is the Captain D’s Way?

It has to do with how carefully and proudly we prepare your seafood feast.  It has to do with how we choose the freshest ingredients, like our wild fish, and then make them for you right away. All of our whole muscle fillets made to order and are either hand-battered, hand-breaded, or seasoned and fire-grilled.

Side dishes like hush puppies and salad are made from scratch every day in our restaurants. And our well-known Batter-Dipped Fish is dipped by hand into a special batter that we make in-house every day. The secret mix cooks up into a crispy, delicious treat.

Whole Fillet is the catch of the day.

So far as we know, we’ve never caught a “fish stick.” So, we have never given them anything. In fact, we never sell any of that processed fish that comes in a box. We serve 100% authentic fillets cut from the fish’s tenderloin.

Then we bread, batter, or season it by hand, and grill it until it’s just right. Just cut your next part of Captain D’s Shrimp Special fish in half and you’ll see the difference right away. This is the type of fish we love.

Hooked on Goodness

At Captain D’s Shrimp Special, we believe that every person should be able to consume delicious seafood at a price they can afford. We start by getting the best ingredients so we can cook those meals just for you. Then we search the seven seas and some lakes and rivers for fish and other seafood. We take care to serve delicious, high-quality food. So the fish we serve is a full fillet cut from the tenderloin. At Captain D’s, we work hard to give you the best seafood at prices that are below the tidal range.

Shrimp and Pearl

On captain d’s coupons discount, you can choose two sides and get two fish fillets dipped in batter and six butterfly shrimp. Our famous batter-dipped fish fillets come with two sides and hush puppies and your choice of two sides.

Plate of Superlative Seafood

Those who want a variety of the Captain D’s Shrimp Special can choose to order 2 fish fillets, 6 shrimp, 2 seafood-stuffed crab shells, your choice of 2 sides, and hush puppies. All of these items included in the special.

15 pieces of Butterfly Shrimp

A large amount of our butterfly shrimp’s served with two sides of your choice and hush puppies.

Dish Consisting of One Piece of Spicy Fish and Six Pieces of Shrimp

The dish consists of hush puppies, one piece of our bold and spicy batter-dipped fish, 6 pieces of our crispy Butterfly shrimp served with your choice of 2 sides, and one piece of our fish. 12 pcs of butterfly shrimp in total. You can make any dish your own by customizing it by adding 12 bread butterfly shrimp.