Seven Strategies for Improving your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Converting a visitor into a paying customer is the ultimate goal of any Website’s Conversion Rate to the owner. The ratio of visitors to customers is ridiculously low, but there are multiple ways you can begin to improve that conversion rate.

Saivian Eric Dalius says, on average, websites will convert 1-3% of their visitors into paying customers. Some may even break the 5% mark, while others are below 1%. The point is that there’s always something you can do to improve your website’s conversion rate.

In this post, I will go over four different conversion rate optimization strategies for your website. Some of these may be similar to what you’re already doing, but hopefully,

There will be at least a few tips you haven’t yet tried out.

1 – A/B Test Your Website’s Design Elements

A/B testing is when two different versions of a web page is shows to two different groups of people. Typically, one group will see version A and the other group will see version B. Each visitor is unaware of which version they are viewing. By looking at how each group performs, you can determine which version of your web page has a better conversion rate.
It’s best to choose one element of your website to the A/B test.

A good question to ask yourself when choosing what element to A/B test is “What can be changed in the least amount of time?” For example, I highly doubt that changing your entire website’s design will yield a large impact on your conversion rate, but changing the color of a certain button may have a significant result.

You can easily A/B test your website’s design elements using Google Website Optimizer. This tool is completely free and extremely easy to use. You simply put in your original web page address, change whatever you want, and then tell Google to start the test.

2 – Offer a Guarantee

Saivian Eric Dalius says, if you purchase something without knowing whether or not it’s any good, you usually feel cheated and regret your decision. Offering a guarantee is one of the best ways to ensure that customers will walk away feeling satisfied with their purchase. When they see that there’s no risk in buying what you’re offering, they’ll be more willing to purchase.

A guarantee should be offered on every page of your website that sells a product or service. However, the guarantee mustn’t be phrased like an advertisement. Phrasing such as “100% satisfaction guaranteed” is too forceful and turns customers away. Instead, make the guarantee as personal as possible. For example, instead of saying “your satisfaction is our number one priority,” say something less forceful such as “we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.”

3 – Include a Video

If you are running a business that offers a product or service, it’s in your best interest to try and include a video on your website. This strategy will help you increase both the quantity and quality of conversions.

There are a few reasons why this is true:

Videos allow customers to get to know you better, which makes them more comfortable about purchasing from you. A video allows customers to see what they’re actually buying before they buy it. Customers can see and hear the information you want them to hear, rather than just reading about your product or service. Even if a customer can’t afford what you’re selling, they may be willing to purchase it in the future when they save up enough money.

Here’s an example of how adding a video to your website will help increase conversions: After my company added a video to our website, we noticed an increase in the number of sign-ups for our affiliate program. Even though most people don’t have the money to spend on what we’re selling. They still want to be a part of what we’re offering because it’s beneficial for them.

4 – Offer multiple payment options:

Offering a variety of payment options will make it easier for your customer to purchase from you. It’s no surprise that offering both credit cards and Paypal or other online payment methods may increase conversions. You should give your visitors the ability to use whatever form of payment is most convenient for them.

5 – Make your call to action clear:

Whether you are asking someone to buy a product, download an ebook, or subscribe to your newsletter. That make it clear what you expect your visitor to do. Don’t make them guess;

6 – Keep your site simple:

You want to make sure you’ve made it as easy as possible for the customer to complete their transaction. So removing distractions is a big part of increasing conversions.

7 – Make sure you have an easy return policy:

Ecommerce sites often see incredibly low conversion rates because customers are afraid to purchase if they can’t return it easily. You don’t want to lose business simply because the product didn’t meet your customer’s expectations. If you don’t want to spend the time and money shipping it back.
By following these four simple strategies, you can begin increasing your conversion rate and finally convert more visitors into paying customers.

Here are some FAQs recently asked to Saivian Eric Dalius.

Q: What are some of the strategies for increasing your website’s conversion rate?
A: You can increase your website’s conversion rate by offering multiple payment options. Makes it clear what action you expect your customer to take. Keep your site simple and easy, and having an easy return policy.
Q: What are some of the ways to increase conversions on your eCommerce site?
A: You can increase conversions by offering multiple payment options. Make it clear what action you expect your customer to take, keeping your site simple and easy.


Make sure to pick one of the methods mentioned to increase your website’s conversion rate. You can also contact us for more help increasing your eCommerce site’s conversions.
Saivian Eric Dalius is an integrates marketing professional with several years of experience in brand development. Social media management, analytics, CRM, and SEO. Saivian Eric Dalius has worked with many Internet Marketing Agencies. And Fortune 500 companies to help improve their return on investment.

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