Differentiate Between Plastic vs Paper Packaging Boxes

What is the plastic packaging?

Plastic is create from fossil fuel. The Plastic vs Paper never breakdown so makes it hard for plastic to recycle or decompose. Almost one-third of plastic leaks in our eco-system and stays there for centuries. One of the most used plastic-type is polyethylene that makes plastic envelops, coverings, and bubble wraps.

Paper packaging:

Paper is made from paper that comes from a tree. Treed can be regrown so Paper packaging is renewable.

The pulp is processed on flat screens to produce paper after removing the water.

Plastic vs Paper:

Let’s have a comparison of plastic and Paper to analyze which one is better.

Who is more eco-friendly?

Paper and plastic both are made from natural resources. However, oil is not renewable and trees are. Hence plastic apart from being hazardous to the environment is also responsible for depleting non-renewable resources. Plastic stays in landfills whereas Paper easily decomposes over time. The crude oil of plastic also leaves a significant carbon footprint due to extractions and refinements.

Weight and its impact:

Paper boxes are heavier than plastic. This means more CO2 will be emitt during Paper transport due to more fuel consumption. However, this issue has been reduc due to custom Paper boxes which is almost weightless.

Storage: Paper is preferred for storage in warehouses due to its durability and stacking qualities. And now the waterproofing technology of Paper has made it perfect for any type of storage.

Pricing: Paper is light on pocket and provide maximum protection to packed product. Plastic is costly and can easily be torn or damaged.

The threat to wildlife:

Plastic vs Paper  packaging doesn’t decompose so it causes a threat to not only human life but to wild and aquatic life as well. Animals can suffocate or choke on plastic. Paper bags however easily decompose and are safe.

Customers want paper boxes instead of plastic:

Today’s customer is very well aware of the damage that Plastic vs Paper is doing to our planet therefore they now demand their products to be pack in paper boxes only. Businesses that are still using plastic are losing their customers at a rapid pace. If you are a business owner who wants to retain customers and is looking for ways to encourage them to buy your products only then paper boxes will the solution. Use custom boxes wholesale to show how responsible you are towards the environment and these bags will also make you feel good for reducing the waste. Paper is a versatile material that can be use in any industry for packing any product. Paper boxes are durable and easy to construct. Customers want a box that can be easily recycled so embrace the trend and switch to a paper box. In future plastic, boxes might be banned as many countries are taking the initiative of boycotting the plastic for the betterment of the environment.


Any shape of the box can be made with paper. Plastic vs Paper is a perfect blank space that you can use to create a unique design. Paper works as a blank canvas where you can use your imaginations to make an attractive design. The paper helps you to make your dream box into a tangible box. It showcases your brand visions and personality. Plastic takes a hell of an effort to be customized and even after so much hard work the result is not as smooth as a paper box.


The comparison of both types of packaging materials clearly showed that paper boxes are far better than plastic. So switch to like cigarette boxes and bath bomb packaging to save your money and build a positive impression in the market. Make our planet greener so your customers believe in your business norms and ethics. This will encourage customers to repurchase your products.




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