On the face of it, outdoor Signage Bloopers may look simple and easy to put up. However, there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Both are crucial to delivering a high return on investment and preserving the integrity of your brand.

Some of the top mistakes you need to take care to avoid when putting up outdoor Signage Bloopers

Not Ensuring the Sign Is Waterproof 

Outdoor signs have to face a variety of onslaughts from the elements. The very first quality you must ensure in an outdoor sign is that it must be waterproof. While quite a few materials ranging from vinyl to plastic, steel, acrylics, and aluminum possess excellent waterproofing properties, many of them cannot handle high or low temperatures and become fragile, develop cracks, or break. Steel, although a robust material, unfortunately, tends to rust. Unless painted regularly steel signs can fail in an outdoor environment. On the other hand, aluminum is ideal because it is both waterproof and does not corrode.

Not Recognizing the Need for Strength 

Using biodegradable materials is good for the environment but when you put up an outdoor sign, these materials are far from ideal. You must choose a substrate that can withstand the elements. Signs put up on tall structures also need to be adequately strong, so that they will not break or split when strong winds are blowing. You must make the mounting and the frame strong and also consider punching in a few holes in the sign so that the wind can pass through easily. If it is a windy place, you can consider using fine mesh material. Steel and aluminum are good materials for outdoor signage. Aluminum signs, however, have the advantage of being lightweight yet rigid, strong, and rust-proof.

Not Ensuring Readability 

A sign is only effective when people passing by can read, understand, and act on it in the few seconds they have to look at it. It means that you have to ensure that your signs have very high readability. While the placement should be such that the target audience cannot miss seeing it during the day, you must ensure that it is lit well enough to be legible after sundown. A LED sign is very effective due to its high brightness. The other thing you need to keep in mind is the design and the amount of content. The design must be as simple as possible, and the matter must be crisp and to the point. Use large typefaces devoid of complications so that people can read them even from a distance. According to The Visual Pro, one-inch high letters can be read from 10 feet distance.


Aluminum has all the right attributes for a high-performance sign for outdoor use. It is a strong material but at the same lightweight. It can be cut and formed to give the sign any shape you want, and even without any additional protection lasts really long without deforming or corroding. Even though aluminum is relative expensive, it delivers a superior ROI.

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