What You Need to Stay On Trend this Year

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Are you someone that enjoys staying at the forefront of modern trends? Or maybe you’re wanting to start being that person? Either way, you have come to the right place. Trends are not an easy thing to follow. They are always ebbing and flowing with culture as things change. People are constantly discovering or rediscovering different ways to dress, take care of the environment, accomplish mundane tasks, and take care of their minds and bodies. Read on to discover what you need to stay on trend this year.


Style is an ever-changing concept. The term “good style” is relatively subjective and never quite means the same thing each time you or someone else says it. That is why it is important to shop at the right places and stay up to date on what is at the front of everyone’s minds. Here are a few things to know about staying trendy with your style this year.

Shop at the Right Place

You are not going to be able to purchase trendy clothes unless you shop at trendy places. So, when shopping be sure to look for places like 6 Ice for your clothing needs. Going to places that aren’t up to date on the latest trends will only lead to frustration and possibly even wasted money. That’s why following trends will become much easier when you purchase from a place that does it for you. Shopping at the right place can give you the confidence you need to walk out knowing that you will be one of the trendiest people in the room everywhere you go.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Pretty much everything that was once in style will eventually come back into style in some form or another. Certain articles of clothes, styles of dress, styles of hair, ways of speaking, and minor personality quirks all find their way back into culture eventually. Staying on top of these waves will always keep you at the forefront of trends. This years’ version of that may be a surprise to you. Here are a few things that are coming back this year.

Crocs: Crocs were once a staple that everyone had as their comfortable house, beach, or walking shoe. Now they are making a comeback as a centerpiece for modern style. With different styles and colors, you can pick up a pair for almost any situation.

Birkenstocks: These shoes were once a very popular open-toe sandal. They are now making a comeback with their closed-toe style. Again, with different neutral colors, you can grab a pair to fit almost any outfit. Picking up a pair of these is sure to impress your friends.

Graphic Ts: Casual streetwear is in and it appears to be sticking around for a while. With casual streetwear comes graphic t-shirts. Companies like famous IRL are forefronting this movement with some of the most innovative graphic Ts on the market. Picking up a few of these will definitely let people know that you know what you’re doing in the style department.

Trendy Ways to Take Care of the Environment

Taking care of the environment is something that is heavy on many people’s minds these days for good reason. With this rise in attention, comes the need for trendy ways to accomplish it.

One concept that people have married with environmental care is the use of semi-necessary objects like phone cases. You can now purchase a trendy compostable phone case. You can take care of the environment and get a stylish phone case of your choosing. Statement pieces like these cases are likely to be noticed by many. Most everyone can appreciate a good looking phone case that won’t be harmful to the environment when you decide to toss it and move on to the next style.

Mundane Tasks

Everyone has mundane tasks or chores. No matter what stage of life you are in, you have some sort of housekeeping-type tasks. These can feel monotonous and uninspiring to have to do. After all, who actually wants to deal with tax issues or cleaning the house. Here are a few examples of how to accomplish mundane tasks in trendy ways.

Tax Issues

Many people’s worst nightmare is having to pay back taxes or resolve other tax-related issues. That is why companies like Coast One have become very popular for their services. They exist to take care of these issues for you and professionally get you the best possible outcome. This way you can go on about your life, doing what you need to do while having the peace of mind that your tax issues are being resolved correctly by a team that knows what they are doing.

Helpful Household Items

One thing that will almost always be at the front of all household trends is As Seen On TV items. These items are often the most innovative and helpful items you could possibly purchase for your home. In the same way that outsourcing your tax issues can eliminate headaches, these items can make housekeeping chores virtually effortless and easy. You will definitely impress your friends, so don’t be surprised when they ask where you get them.

Mundane Doesn’t Always Mean Boring

Some household items don’t have to be as boring as their functionality portrays them to be. There are certain things like pillows that can go from a boring comfort piece to a fascinating conversation starter among you and your guests. Have you ever imagined having pillows with renaissance pet portraits of your pets on them? No? Well, they exist, and they are quickly becoming a comfort and style favorite. You can send in a picture of your pets and in just a week or so receive a pillow with your pet in all sorts of silly situations. Whether it is in a renaissance costume or astronaut suit you are sure to grab the attention of your guests.

Taking Care of Mind and Body

This is something that human beings will always have their attention directed towards. There is always going to be a need for taking care of yourself physically and mentally. So, there will always be different trends emerging regarding ways to accomplish this.


People are constantly discovering new trendy ways to take care of themselves physically. Here are a couple that you should be on the lookout for this year.

Hemp oil for pain relief: Many people are now using brands like Hampvana to take care of their pain relief needs. It’s a natural and healthy way to numb irritated nerves.

Fitness and beauty apps: People have started using apps like ClassPass, the fitness, and beauty app that allows you access to thousands of gyms, salons, spas, and fitness studios all across the nation.


Taking care of your mental health is no fad. It is incredibly important to consistently do this throughout your lifetime. However, the way you can do it can change with the trends that come and go. Here are a few trends that people will be following this year.

Opalite meaning: Opalite is a curated gemstone that doesn’t naturally come from the ground. It is constructed to maintain certain properties that can boost mood in many ways. Ultimately helping you enjoy life a little more.

Winter fun: There are all sorts of ways to have active fun in the winter, but one thing that is going to be hot this winter is inflatable snow sleds and toboggans. People have been raving about these unique sleds and will spend a great portion of this winter carving the slopes in style.

Trends can come in all shapes and sizes. Trying to stay on top of these ideas that come and go can be difficult but in the end very worth it. These are just a few trends that are coming into play for this year. Choose the ones that you desire to follow and enjoy being the trendiest friend in your group.

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