Finding the right watch for men is like finding the right suit. It should look like you, reflect your style, and accentuate your appearance. But even if you don’t wear the suit regularly, you need a durable watch. There are several accessories that every man needs to look great in a formal setting, but a watch is one of the most important. 

Dress watches are primarily minimalist since they are designed as a formal accessories. Over the years, tastes and styles have changed, and today dress watches are often a testament to innovative design and technical know-how. Here are few essential details you need to know about dress watches and the best brands that produce these watches. 

Tissot Watches 

Tissot is one of the most stylish and popular men’s watches available today. While most people will probably associate a Tissot with sports watches, this brand is also great for those who want a fashionable and functional watch that can show their style and personality. There are many different models and colors available in the market, and this wide selection makes it easier for you to find a Tissot wristwatch that suits your needs.

The Tissot Analogue Display is one of the best Tissot dress watches in the market. The combination of white gold and rose gold represents a simple style. Whether you want a modern, stylish look or something pretentious, Tissot’s analog display looks excellent and will surely go well with a two-piece suit. It is also an ideal gift for watch lovers and city dwellers who need a watch for the perfect look.


The Cartier Tank Watch from Cartier was developed during the First World War and got its name because it looks like early French tanks when viewed from above. The model is one of John F. Kennedy’s favorites and for a good reason. It is difficult to imagine a watch that looks more like a president. 

The tank has a square hull and distinctive black Roman markings on a white bolt. Available with a quartz movement, manual winding, or automatic movement, prices range from around $ 2,000 per quartz to the price of a small house with diamond-shaped options. This elegant piece is one of the best dress watches you can find. 


The Citizen has made it easy for people to be able to understand time without any complications. They are not the only Japanese-made wristwatches but have also created an impression in people’s minds with their extremely high quality and unique designs. There is a vast collection of Citizen watches available in many different colors and styles. 

Introduced to the watchmaking world in 1924, Citizen combines high-quality artistry with cutting-edge technologies such as sustainable driving technology that converts light into energy. 


Vincero produces modern and high-quality watches. Their design is simple and unobtrusive, but this watch puts its presence on the wrist. You can wear the Elegant Automatic Rose Gold Icon with a black hem and black Italian leather strap for the perfect cocktail look.

You can see the details in every cut and curve of the Vinsero Auto Icon. Elegant watch with date window and skeleton hands. A durable sapphire crystal protects the dial, and a transparent window on the back shows the inner workings of the automatic movement.

What Are The Features of a Dress Watch?

Dress watches are all about simplicity. Since the watch is worn with a suit, it should be thin enough to allow easy access to the sleeve. The general rules for combining metal and leather with shoes and belts also apply. Unlike regular watches, dress watches usually have a slim profile and should be Ideal for shirt cuffs and other business attire. 

Some dress watches are between 34-40mm in size. However, some models have stainless bracelets. Luxury dress watches often contain precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sapphire, etc. Most dress watches usually have a leather strap. It can be textured or softened.

Traditionally, dress watches are considered watches that can be worn with more formal attires, especially tuxedos. Interestingly, people used to think that people shouldn’t even wear a watch with an evening dress because that means you were on time and not paying attention to the event. This school of thought is now outdated, perhaps for the better. Elegance is the name of the game. The key is to have a dial that is as simple and dignified as possible. 

What To Consider Before Buying a Dress Watch  First, determine your budget. Considering how often you will be wearing this watch, you’ll need a quality one. It is also recommended to buy a more comfortable bracelet or strap. This will allow you to be more relaxed while wearing your watch. There are many modern watches to choose from, but don’t forget the vintage ones as well.  Dress watches are usually small and easy to wear with formal attire. Dressy wristwatches are often worn with long sleeves, so how you wear them is essential. “The thinner the watch, the better because it has to fit. 

Although the primary function is to tell the time, we have to admit that time has also taken a back seat in terms of dressing watches. A clean dial is a traditional style in dress watches, but if you like something a little unique, you can choose to have subtle prints or multiple colored dials. Having materials that are pretty durable and look good can enhance the appearance of your watch. You can hardly go wrong with classics like gold and silver.

You can also explore materials such as enamel for the dial; each of these materials has a different luster and texture, adding something unique to the look when it comes to the band. 

In Conclusion 

Many people think that leather straps are the classic choice for formal watches. However, how to combine them is very important! An easy way to decide which strap color to choose is to look at your dress shoes and belt; they should be the same shade. 

Gold or silver bracelets can also be used for formal watches. For a better combination, match gold with warm colors such as brown, beige and maroon, and silver with cool colors such as navy blue and gray. If you often attend formal occasions, you can consider buying watches with interchangeable straps to match different outfits.

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