The entryway is the main part of the house as entering through this makes an impression of the whole house and how it may look. So there must be everything well adjusted to make this first impression awesome. It is not advised that only focus must be on the entryway but every corner of the house need an equal amount of attention to make the house beautiful. Sometimes people try to decide everything by themselves and they end up messing everything so you may hire an expert from Interior Fit- out companies Dubai to make this whole tricky process very easy going up and to get desired results. Here are some of the tips to make your entryways attractive.

1) Chequerboard Design:

Chequerboard design is a blend of both classic and contemporary styles to make a better impact on the visitors. This can change the look of the entryway by creating a stylish and stunning look. The tiles used in this area must be of good quality to ensure the best flooring as this is the part of the house with a heavy traffic load.

2) Pattern of the tiles:

If you want to choose natural stone tiles then you have to pick them up according to the
workload. The natural tiles are available in various designs and colours so it is an easy choice to pick up colours. But while choosing you have to care about one thing that is if these are going to be used in a single living house or in a house where kids, family, pets and most of the time guests are visiting. If there is a first condition then you can choose any style, design or pattern but if the second one then you have to prefer the patterned stones to cover up the dirt or stains.

3) Using limestone:

It is better to use one kind of tiles or stone in the full house as it will add up to the minimalist
look of the house. Limestone is a better choice as it will add warmth to the stylish look and will be available in different designs. You can use this in every room for maintaining the texture of the house, visual flow and easy cleaning of the floor.

4) Play with the pattern:

You have to play with the pattern to make it look more trendy and use different ideas to
distinguish it from other designs. Tall ceilings, staircases and welcoming mats all are various ideas to make your entryway more welcoming.

5) Dark tiles:

Dark tiles can be another idea to make your entryway stunning and it may give it a different look as compared to the other areas of the house. Porcelain tiles can be a better option as they are similar to natural stones and also durable during the gathering in the house.

6) Graphics Layout:

This is another best idea to give a warm welcome to anyone visiting your house. You can add any of the welcome notes, quotes, or any favorite graphics. This is a unique idea to surprise the guests or visitors and make a better impact on your unique mind.

7) Tall ceilings:


Ceilings can be another idea to add to the entryway and you can choose different designs of the ceilings but the layout must be easy to clean because there is no benefit to having such designs that will bother you later on. Tall ceilings can be best because they are trending and you can match the colour with the decor of the entryway.

8) Some other ideas:

You can also put different colour lightings as it will give your entry area a bright and glossy look at night. You can also use different lanterns to add glow. Moreover, beautiful decoration pieces can also be added to the roof to give it a stunning look.

Why choose tiles?


These days mostly tiles are being used by the designers for having various benefits.

a) They are easy to use and can be changed over time when the trend is changed.

b) Tiles are productive in the sense that they can take up the burden of heavy traffic.

c) They are less in cost as compared to the other stones available in the market.

d) They are very easy to clean and can be of different patterns to avoid stain & dirt.


These are some of the ideas to make your entryway trendy and stylish but you can add more. If you are a creative designer and want to DIY you can create a more amazing look in your
welcome area. But if you have minimum time and do not want to do it yourself to avoid any mistakes then you must take help from the consultant at Commercial fit out companies Dubai. They will surely give you the best ideas according to your space and budget.

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