Items to Buy After Performing Hajj & Umrah

Umrah is the path of highest pleasure and satisfaction for the pilgrim himself and the one he left behind. Going on this holy journey is a privilege by the Almighty, and one must feel genuinely exalted to be a visitor of Allah’s House. It’s always the biggest desire of a Muslim to embark on this Holy journey. The one getting this chance not only feels overwhelmed but has a lot of expectations from this pilgrimage. The persons left behind praying for their safety and successful journey. Returning to your country after the completion of the Umrah or Hajj, it is a very common tradition among pilgrims to bring gifts to their families, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances.

Even little presents are valued by the recipient because they belong to the Holy Land and are held as a token of reverence and honor by the recipient. A lot of things are there that pilgrims can purchase conveniently for themselves and for their close ones. In order to make you a part of this respectable journey, there are several travel companies trying their best by providing you cheap Hajj and Umrah packages along with flights, accommodation, and many more. But after embarking on this prestigious journey one must buy some stuff and specialties of the Holy place as a present for their beloved people.

Zamzam Water

Zamzam is a special and purest water that is found only in Makkah. Pilgrims buy Zamzam water to serve or gift to their near ones. Zamzam holds importance because of the ritual of Safa and Marwa. Drinking this water can cure almost all diseases and even when mixed with another liquid makes it as healthy as itself. It’s miraculous water whose advantages cannot be neglected at all. Zamzam water is purchased exclusively to give to the ones who did not get to perform Hajj and Umrah.

Dates Especially Ajwa

Dates are another most cherished item that is bought by almost all pilgrims. Different categories of dates are available and you can buy as per your choice. Ajwa dates are the highest kind of dates and they a little expensive too but these are the only dates that were planted by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) himself. So the advantages and rewards of this date are innumerable because the plant was touched by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). These dates have countless advantages and are quite good for one’s health. So, dates are a beautiful present to carry with you in your country.

Nabi Boti

It is an herb that is found only in Madinah. If anyone finds it hard to have a baby, you can buy Nabi Boti for them during/after Umrah. Even in today’s world, people tend to believe in herbs as the cure of several diseases. This herb is referred to as “Nabi Boti” because it was plucked by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) himself when a person visited him and asked him to grant him a child. Then Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) give it to him and he was able to have a baby. The herb is ideally suited for couples confronting infertility problems.

Sugar Boti

The titles of such herbs are much more in tandem with their working as the Sugar Boti is essential for people with diabetes. Diabetes is a pancreatic condition that shuts down to produce the body’s insulin needed for sweetness in the diet. It can help to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.

Maryam Boti

This herb is particularly given to pregnant women as it’s a herbal that can help a woman endure labor pain throughout childbirth and even control and pace up the labor procedure.


Itar is yet another must-buy item, it would not be incorrect to say that the Itar available in Madinah and Makkah are unique in their aroma. These Itar are non-alcoholic as the usage of alcoholic items is prohibited in Islam. These are not extraordinarily expensive and also last longer because of their strong fragrance. You can gift them to anyone as a lovely gift.

Other Items

There are many more other items that you can buy conveniently after performing Hajj and Umrah. Other things may include clothes, gold, amber, stones including the precious one, sandalwood, miswaak, Rosaries made with silver, nuts, prayer mats in different designs and colors, and many more.

Hajj and Umrah Packages at Low-Rates

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