Is It Better To Workout Before Or After Cavitation?

The post-treatment follow-up on ultrasound fat cavitations is described, but it’s essential to adhere to it to achieve the best outcomes. To ensure that your body reacts positively in response to the ultrasound cavitation, consume a minimum of 1.5 six cups of water before and immediately following the treatment. Stagger 2 liters of water every 24 hours and three days following treatment.

The treatment for fat cavitation using cavitation machine ultrasound is a method of eliminating toxic substances and fats through the urinary and lymphatic systems. The body needs three days to get rid of waste and toxins following the treatment. The intervals between treatments also have to be reflected in this. At least three days need to be between sessions.

Stimulating the treatment area after your treatment using the dry brush for your body or loofah, exfoliating gloves, or a dual-action scrub such as Polish can be employed in the bath or shower. Increasing circulation to the area treated using a daily body moisturizer, such as A-Lift, can guarantee adequate circulation and boost cell turnover, showing younger and healthier-looking skin.

Pre and Post Instructions for Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • For the best results from this treatment, we recommend that you adhere to the recommendations for post-treatment:
  • Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water before and 2 liters following your treatment (soft drinks, soda juice, or tea is more than water).
  • You shouldn’t eat 2 hours before or one hour following treatment.
  • Don’t drink any beverage, including caffeine, on the days following treatment or within up to 48 hours after.
  • Apply a dry, gentle skin brushing routine daily to increase lymphatic flow (your Therapist will demonstrate ways to accomplish this). Avoid the luxury of a hot shower (warm is okay), sauna, spa, or steam room immediately following treatment.
  • Stick to a fat-free and low starch diet, as well as a low-sugar diet for the best outcomes
  • You should exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes following the treatment to increase lymphatic flow.

The practice of a low-calorie diet with lower carbohydrate content, moderate fat, and a diet with low sugar for 24 hours before treatment and three days after treatment will ensure the most effective outcomes. This will ensure that your body can utilize the triglycerides ( a form of fat) released through the cavitation process of fat. Many of them find it an excellent start to maintaining an active lifestyle for the future.


Following treatment, a minimum of 20 minutes of high heart rate cardio is required. It is recommended that this is completed immediately following the cavitation machine treatment and for the three days after. This ensures that the stored energy released by the cavitation process gets burned off. If you’re not into the preferred cardio method, infrared saunas can help in achieving an identical effect on the human body.

Other steps can be undertaken to get the best outcomes. It is possible to assist your body in flushing out toxins by completing your treatment with the infrared sauna. Lymphatic drainage helps eliminate the elimination of toxins in the body. This can be accomplished after treatment with a massage or body vacuum therapy. The results will be evident if you follow this ultrasound cavitation machine follow-up program. It’s a non-invasive procedure that is not required downtime and provides results similar to liposuction.

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