How To Look After a Horse Rugs

If you are someone who loves horses and if you are planning on getting horses, then it is important that you first make sure that you are able to take good care of them. If you are not sure what it entails to look after a horse, then first getting to know exactly what is needed to look after a horse will be a good idea. Once you are clear on what should be done and if you feel you are able to look after the horses well, it will then be a good time to get a horse.


Horses need to be fed hay or grain both in the mornings and the night. Especially if it is your first time looking after horses then it is best to ask a professional exactly what type of hay or grain should be given. It is also important to know ideally how much you should feed the horses and how many times a day. It is a good idea to ask the professional if any other type of food should or can be given.

This is important that the horse is well fed therefore if you are unable to feed the horses as you may have a meeting or social event to attend, then arrange for someone else to feed the horses in your absence. You cannot expect the horse to be hungry and wait for you to return, therefore it is important that the horse is fed on time.

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The climate

During cold climates, it is not only humans that feel the cold. Animals such as horses also do feel the effects of the cold. Therefore, it is important to get the horses the right type of protection. Looking into caribu horse rugs will be a good idea. This will provide you with the opportunity to find the best rug for your horse. When purchasing the rug, take into account the size of the horse.

The rugs can come in different sizes; therefore, it is important that you find the right size. For instance, purchasing a rug that is too small will not cover the horses completely and therefore the horses can still feel the cold. Covering the horse with a rug that is too big could also be uncomfortable. The horses may even try to get the rug off its body if it feels uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is important that the rug fits well and is also comfortable. When looking at the aspect of comfort it is important to take into consideration the material of the rug. This is important because if the material is not of good quality. It could irritate the horses causing them to not want to wear the rug. Therefore, make sure the rug you select is of good quality and comfortable.

The bed

A horse should be cleaned and replaced in order for the horse to be comfortable. A horse is a big animal and it can make a mess. Therefore, instead of expecting the horses not to make a mess. It is easier and more realistic to instead change the horse’s bedding to ensure the horses are comfortable and well-rested.

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