How Online Teaching Platforms Helped me Monetize my Hobby?

Online Teaching is the rising trend in the education industry especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic where teachers carried out online teaching all over the world. If you are an aspiring teacher or just want to pursue your teaching hobby on the side then you need to read this article.

As in this article you will learn how i have monetized my teaching hobby with few simple steps so Here, I am going to share some of the effective tips that teachers can follow to earn money through various teaching platforms that are available online.

First and foremost, you must know that though there are numerous platforms available out there however choosing the correct platform can do wonders for your online teaching. This is because many platforms either charge commissions or are extremely difficult to handle. Now, online teaching can be new for most teachers and not all of them can be tech-friendly. Understanding the whole online teaching thing can be overwhelming for teachers. So in this situation, the platform must make things a little easier for you. 

Before going for any  platform, you must check various thing like their features, benefits and costs are they offering features to conduct live classes.

How to Monetize with the help of Online Teaching Platforms? 

After you have selected the platform for you, the next step is to create courses and study materials for your students. Charging the correct amount of money for your courses is the first step towards monetizing your online teaching hobby. The main component that helps you earn money online is to sell your courses to your learners. However, quoting the appropriate amount for your course can depend on some factors which are as follows

  • Expertise in the niche 
  • Past Teaching Experience 
  • Teaching Degree (if any) 

Unlike a social learning network, you will find many learners who might be interested in your courses. Find potential learners through this platform and start selling them your courses. 

Some platforms also allow teachers to sell their study materials like practice papers, subject-wise notes, test series, etc. This is also indeed a win-win situation for teachers as they can earn money from selling their courses as well as study materials. 

There are three additional methods that you can follow to monetize your Teaching hobbies which we shall discuss below

Additional Ways to Earn Money through Online Teaching Platforms

Paid Memberships

After you have established your online teaching career for a long time, you must offer paid membership to your learners. This is a good way to earn money as learners will take memberships if they attend your courses regularly. Once they have observed your teaching skills and sign up for your courses frequently, they will be definitely willing to pay for the memberships that you offer them and continue to learn from you. 

Charge for Personal sessions

Personal sessions are very insightful for students and helps them to improve their learning. Students tend to pay for this type of session as they get constant guidance from educators. You can provide one-to-one guidance and feedback to students and help them in understanding their studies better. This approach is much more effective than online learning platforms as students only get access to courses and study materials on those platforms. 

Offer Free Courses

You may want to offer free courses at the start of your teaching journey. so that students may know your expertise and sign up for the paid courses later. This is a good technique which you can apply at the start of your teaching career, you can show them a glimpse of your teaching skills and expertise and build a genuine learner base. Later, when you offer paid courses students will surely enroll in those courses and you can earn money.

You must note that you can either build your own teaching website or opt for a teaching platform. However, building your own teaching website requires time and technical knowledge. So I would suggest you opt for an online platform that will be beneficial for you to save time and allow you to teach in a hassle-free way without worrying about the technical side. 


The E-Learning market in India is very huge and is expected to grow at a faster rate in the coming years. So teaching online is a great way to pursue your hobby and earn good money out of it. You need not put much effort as online teaching platform are very easy to use and help you focus on your teaching which is useful for engaging your learners. You get to decide the number of hours you can dedicate to your teaching and in turn, you earn a handsome amount of money for your services. Good luck!


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