Nestled in the heart of Mexico, VivaAerobus provides an extensive array of flight services. Often, travelers and patrons are puzzled about how to get in touch with this prominent airline. Well, folks, it’s easier than trying to catch a feather in the wind. Simply pick up your phone and dial numero de telefono de vivaaerobus 81 8215 0150 or 1-860-364-8556. The former is particularly useful for local calls, while the latter is an alternative number for international inquiries.

Understanding VivaAerobus’ Origin and Legacy

VivaAerobus, with its roots deep in Mexican soil, has burgeoned into one of the most sought-after low-cost airlines. Its inception is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Mexican entrepreneurship and the unquenchable thirst for connectivity. Dialing the numero de telefono de vivaaerobus at 81 8215 0150 or 1-860-364-8556 isn’t just about booking a ticket; it’s about becoming a part of this legacy.

Why One Might Need to Contact VivaAerobus

A myriad of reasons could lead one to pick up the phone. Maybe you’re on the hunt for that last-minute deal, perhaps there’s a hiccup with your booking, or you’re just plain curious about their in-flight menu. No matter the reason, their customer service team, just a phone call away, is ever-ready to assist.

Tackling Time Zones: When to Call

Mexico is vast, and its time zones can be quite the quagmire. Here’s a quick tip: time your call to suit Monterrey’s time zone, where VivaAerobus’ headquarters are located. This simple hack can save you from the agony of unanswered calls.

Language Barriers: Tips for English Speakers

While Mexico predominantly speaks Spanish, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the fluency of VivaAerobus’ customer service in English. But as they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Throwing in a polite “Hola” or “Gracias” can work wonders in warming the hearts on the other side of the line.

International Call Charges: What to Expect

Though the prospect of an international call might make one’s wallet wince, it’s not as steep as you’d think. Various service providers offer competitive rates. However, the old adage stands true: it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always check with your provider before dialing 1-860-364-8556.

Alternative Ways to Connect

In our modern age, where technology reigns supreme, a phone call isn’t the only arrow in your quiver. Dive into VivaAerobus’ vibrant social media platforms or their user-friendly website for a bevy of alternatives.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Your voice matters! After your call, consider providing feedback. This not only aids in refining their services but also ensures future customers (like you) have an even smoother experience.


Reaching out to VivaAerobus from Mexico is a piece of cake, or as the locals would say, “pan comido”. Whether you’re a local or an international traveler, the numbers telefono de vivaaerobus mexico 81 8215 0150 or 1-860-364-8556 are your lifeline to an airline that’s the very embodiment of Mexican warmth and efficiency. So, the next time wanderlust hits or a query niggles at your mind, you know who to call.


Q1. How can I make a reservation with VivaAerobus from Mexico?

You can simply call numero de telefono de vivaaerobus 81 8215 0150 or for international queries, use 1-860-364-8556. Their responsive team will guide you through the process.

Q2. Are there any specific hours to contact VivaAerobus?

While they offer 24/7 service, it’s advisable to call during business hours (9 AM – 6 PM, Monterrey time) for a swift response.

Q3. Can I check the flight status via a phone call?

Absolutely! The numbers provided can assist not just with bookings but also provide real-time flight updates.

Q4. Is there a difference between the two contact numbers?

The 81 8215 0150 is best suited for local queries within Mexico, while 1-860-364-8556 is tailored for international callers.

Q5. Do they offer support in English?

Yes, VivaAerobus’ customer service is proficient in both Spanish and English.

Q6. Is there an online alternative to phone calls?

Certainly! VivaAerobus boasts a comprehensive website and active social media handles for all your queries.