Storage rooms are absolutely practical. We couldn’t properly live without them since we always need extra space to keep something. Prepped much? Put it into your storage. Got some clothes you don’t currently wear? Put it into the storage. Documents you don’t need right now? Put them into storage. And so it goes on and on until you can’t open the door anymore. This should be a clear sign for you to declutter your storage. You can’t keep everything, can you? Before you get smashed, organise it and visit this page for easy junk removal.

No matter the size, you can practically keep anything in your storage. It’s simply the place to put stuff that you don’t need right now. If you had to downsize, you likely keep a lot in your storage rooms. You probably didn’t plan on living in a smaller place as long. But then you do. Somehow you don’t miss what you put into that storage room. Whatever might be the case as to why your storage is that cluttered. Take care of it and do a removal.

Do You Need to Keep That Many Toys?

Children grow up so fast and they just don’t play with everything forever. A lot of people keep toys of their children for the next generation. It’s certainly sensible, but the children of the next generation will be interested in different toys. Maybe you even stored toys that aren’t functional anymore. It doesn’t make sense to keep all sorts of bits and pieces. Check the toys for incomplete games and functionality. Toss everything that doesn’t work anymore, what’s broken or incomplete into a junk removal box. Ponder if you’d actually want to keep items in good condition or rather sell them.

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A Kingdom For a Larger Closet

Your closet can’t ever be large enough, can it? It’s got its limits and you simply can’t keep everything in your closet. Whatever doesn’t fit you anymore or has gone out of style/season is easily put into storage. 

If it’s gone out of style, it certainly will be fashionable again in a decade or two. How many boxes of clothes do you actually keep? Do you really need to keep all of them? You’ve certainly got quite a few items that don’t fit you anymore. When do you think could you wear it again? 

Right, that’s the point. Chances are, you’ll never fit into those clothes again. If you’ve lost weight, you certainly never want to fit into those clothes again. If you gained weight, you certainly want to. But it’s a rather long journey with quite a few ups and downs. Go through all of your clothes and organize them into four boxes. 

Put those you really love and are convinced to wear again, into the keep box. Put a label on it to find it easily. Organise those in exceptional condition for sale into another. Clothes in good condition should end up in a donation box. Consequently, those that have become the victim of moths into the junk removal box.



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A Dusty Library

Books are a great treasure to have, but why did you put them into storage in the first place? And the CDs and DVDs? It’s probably not because you just don’t need them right now. Any books, DVDs and CDs you can put into the storage to never look at again you can also let go of. You could try to sell them at a garage sale or use them for upcycling projects. Let junk removal take care of the rest of it.

The Prepper Dream

It’s very sensible to prepare and to have a good amount of food and toiletries at hand. Especially in times of a pandemic and a fragile supply chain. Depending on how long you’ve been prepping you need to regularly check your supplies for expiration dates. Dry foods will always last much longer than canned goods. Check those if they’re still good to go. Remove those that have long passed their expiry date and add them to a junk removal box.

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Tools, Tools and More Tools

Everyone should have a well-assorted tool-box, but do you actually need three hammers of the same size? Keep screws and pegs as well as screwdrivers and saws. Even though you might not need tools on a regular basis. It’s good to have them. Pull the doubles out for junk removal. Maybe you could sell some. Also, check if they’re still functional. If not, it’s time to toss.

What To Do With Your Clutter

As briefly mentioned, you can certainly try to sell some of your clutter. It could be another one’s treasure at a garage sale you’re hosting. A garage sale is a great opportunity for junk removal and earning some cash. But the best time for garage sales is only during the warmer seasons. 

If that’s quite far away you’d have to keep your clutter and commit to hosting one later. However, even if you do intend to set up a garage sale later, you may not actually do it. It’s always best to get rid of all the clutter right away. The point is to actually finish decluttering once you’re done with it. Junk removal in all its varieties is an inevitable part of it. 

If you’re choosing against a garage sale, you can still try to sell your stuff online. But try to sell all items first and set yourself a goal until when everything has to be sold. There will be items leftover and you probably won’t be able to sell them if no one takes them. Add them to your donation boxes. And contact charities if they’re interested in it.

Parting Words on Storage Junk Removal

Ultimately, you do have one more option with handling donations and the utter junk in one perfect go. Contact a junk removal service and arrange the collection. Pretty much all junk removal services have engaged in environmentally friendly junk removal disposal. To make it work, they partner with charities. That means, everything they haul out from you will be offered to charities first.