Halloween Makeup For Women: 20 Easy And Scary Ideas

The best Halloween makeup for women. How to wear makeup for Halloween? In order to celebrate the Celtic festival, the origins of which date back more than 2,500 years, nothing like a beauty treatment … a little special.

While some are adorned with glamorous Halloween makeup , or inspired by Disney characters , others invite fear in the whole house by concocting spooky recipes , by making themselves terrifying decorative objects or by watching movies. cult horror .

Before turning your stay into a gallery of horrors, check out 20 easy makeup ideas to celebrate Halloween.

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Halloween makeup: the evil clown

The phobia of clowns is so widespread that it has a name: coulrophobia. Those who suffer from it have probably not seen horror films! Hopefully they don’t cross paths with those who will be wearing evil clown makeup for Halloween …

Halloween makeup: the evil clown2 Halloween makeup 3 Halloween makeup4 Halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup For Women

Halloween makeup: The Mexican Skull

The “skull” is a staple of Halloween makeup. Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead  celebrated on November 2, it takes up the codes of this joyful celebration by incorporating details in bright color. It can be traced on the whole face, its half or only in small strokes – depending on its level of technicality.

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Halloween makeup: the vampire

To achieve vampire makeup, getting fake blood is almost essential. You can buy it already made in the store or design it yourself, mixing dark food coloring, honey and cocoa powder.

1 Halloween makeup: the vampire 2 Halloween makeup: the vampire 3 Halloween makeup: the vampire 4 Halloween makeup: the vampire 5 Halloween makeup: the vampire

Halloween Makeup: The Joker

The popularity of the super villain is such that Ali dedicated a film to him, which was released on the big screen last year. If performing a Joker makeup is within the reach of all beginner makeup artists, it will however be necessary to give of himself so that the disguise is perfect: no question of skipping the green hair coloring – we can fortunately opt for a wig!

Halloween Makeup: The Joker 5 Halloween Makeup: The Joker 4 Halloween Makeup: The Joker 3 Halloween Makeup: The Joker 2 Halloween Makeup: The Joker

What is Halloween?

Tomorrow is Halloween, a very well-known holiday celebrated especially in Anglo-Saxon countries! This year, because of the Covid-19 epidemic, it is better to avoid going to look for candy from the neighbors. But why not dress up and decorate your house horribly, to thrill your family?

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a very, very old holiday. It would have been invented by the Celts, more than… 2000 years ago! According to this tradition, the night of October 31 belonged to the dead , who disguised themselves as monsters to come and visit the living.

Today, this holiday is very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, such as England or the United States. Halloween Halloween, it comes from the old English “All Hallow Even”, which means “the eve of all saints” .

Halloween Makeup For Women

Because October 31 is the eve of All Saints’ Day, a Christian feast during which all the saints are celebrated, followed by a day of prayers for the dead, on November 2. Mortally happy! Halloween is therefore linked to the world of the dead.

However, it is not a sad holiday! That night, we dress up, we eat a horrible meal … in short, we play to scare ourselves … to laugh.

For Americans, it’s even a holiday as important as Christmas! At home, everyone participates, adults and children alike. And be careful, they do it big: terrifying disguises, decorated houses and even… sound and light! But the most interesting in this tradition is the candy hunt ! Children go from house to house asking for treats. They call it “trick or treat”. A pumpkin carved in a terrifying face on the porch? This is the signal! You see what you have to do to enjoy yourself …



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