Quick Guide to Choosing Right Size of TV for Your Bedroom

Television is not just restricted to just flipping through channels, everyone wants this experience to be more ultimate and evolving. Even though choosing the right TV set matters, it is the size that also needs to be considered. When you are planning to buy a new TV set, size does matter. Earlier watching television was just restricted to living rooms, and family members gathered around for watching shows or movies together. However, now everyone is placing Television in the bedroom as well to have some private watching while relaxing in the bed, before sleep.

So when buying a television set for your bedroom. Consider the dimensions of the room, the audio and visual quality, angle, and screen size. Not every room needs to require a big-sized screen. If your room is small and the size of the screen is large then it can easily influence your watching experience. So let us discuss some tips that you can follow while choosing a TV size for your bedroom.

Find the space where you want to place your TV

Before you start buying a spree, it is important to decide where you will be placing it. Whether you are planning to place it in an entertainment unit, wall mounts it, or place it on the stand, can affect your TV size. So it is important to decide on which space you will be placing it. Measure it and you will be able to understand which size will be appropriate.

Measure the stand

In case you have decided to mount your television on the console table, then you should measure the stand size. Usually, the legs part of stands are of the same length and are much wider as compared to TV measurements.

Calculate the viewing distance

You need to keep an appropriate distance between the Television and the sittings. So when placed in the bedroom, viewing distance is essential. Usually, it is recommended that the display should fill around 30 degrees of the field. So you can measure the viewing distance by calculating the distance between the place from where you will be watching television and the area where the television is going to be placed. So for a 4K HD TV then you can go for 5 to 5.5 feet of distance.

Check out the quality

Budget is another thing that you should consider. It’s not always true that bigger is better. If you are with a limited budget and dwelling on the large screen, then you won’t be able to get better quality in it. So it is better to go for a screen size that works within your budget to enjoy the quality and good sound.

Don’t be over tempted

Naturally, we browse through different Television sets, larger screen sizes can be pretty attractive to look at. However, no matter which screen size you pick, sooner or later it will be upgraded to a big one in next season’s launch. Larger screen size if gels up with your bedroom size will look apt, if not it can easily make watching TV in bed uncomfortable. Larger screen size is meant to be placed in bigger rooms and to be watched from distance.

Go for smart TV

Gone are the days when people indulge in cables.  Now everyone wants to Netflix or indulge in watching their favorite series on Prime. This is where buying a smart TV can be beneficial as it provides you multiple options to watch just by taking a yearly subscription to it. Which is much cheaper than paying monthly cable bills. So it is better to buy an android smart TV to enjoy multiple shows on multiple platforms.

In conclusion with

Choosing a Television for your room can be confusing, however, when you end up with the right one, it can be overwhelming. Follow all the above-mentioned tips to pick the right television set for your bedroom. The right size will ensure that you can enjoy the right screen size along with good sound and picture quality.


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