What to Gift Your Man on New Year?

Time flies real quick when we are making memories on special occasions like Christmas and New Years. The gap between Christmas and New Years is so less that often in no time while celebrating Christmas we hardly are able to realise it’s time for ringing into the New Years with new hopes, love and happiness.

We hope by now you have got some Christmas presents ready for your Monsieur, but what about New Year presents? Just because you gifted something on Xmas, it wouldn’t mean that you would discard the idea of pampering him on New Year.

Your man deserves to be pampered every day because of the endless reasons or times he has brought love and happiness to you.

He deserves to be made to feel special on every occasion or without even any occasion. So, if you are having a hard time figuring out what to gift him on this New Years. Then don’t worry, folks we have got you covered. Below we have mentioned a few of our gift suggestions that will be perfect for pampering him with. Take cues and start your shopping, right away.

Personalised Gift 

It would be a myth if we said that guys don’t care about the emotions/ sentiments of the other person. Rather, on the contrary, they do care but, the thing is they don’t show that quite by crying, like us girls/women.

Hence, gifting something personal with a dash of nostalgia will be perfect for pampering with. So, go ahead and gather around some of the memories you have made with your man throughout this year/s and get it personalised over a cuddly cushion, night lamp, photo frame, cake, clock/watch, etc.

There are many options for personalised gifts for men that you might like to consider various online and offline gift stores.

Wrist Watch

If your man loves to adorn a stylish wristwatch, then you better gift him one this New Year. Gifting a watch could even act as a simple yet sarcastic hint of asking him to become a bit punctual for dates. There are many wristwatch’s brands which offer various features, kinds and styles of watches, matching to the budget you are looking for. You can get the wristwatch even engraved on its back by asking the authorities – it will be made even more special and will be absolutely cherished by him till the very end of the time.

Grooming Kit 

Every man loves to look his very best as he steps out for a date with his ladylove or even when he hits the office. That is the reason a grooming kit from some renowned brand is sure to brighten up his day and make him look dashing every day. You can self-customise it, as per his grooming needs or can get it already prepared grooming kit/set. We are pretty sure he will be delighted to see you gift him some grooming essentials.

Set of Video Games

The relationship that every guy shares with video games is quite deeper to even what you and your man have – it is absolutely indescribable in words. Keeping the child in him alive, if your man is a video game lover then gift him some good collection of video games. There are very high chances that he may love it more than any other gift, even mentioned over this list. You can look for some cool video game assortment online as well as offline over some CD/DVD shop.

So, these were some of our suggestions as to what can make a great gift for your #mancrusheveryday!

Happy Shopping! Happy New Year To All In Advance!


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