Getting fit and leading a healthier lifestyle ranks high in many people’s top new year resolutions list. Regular body exercise, when done consistently, can deliver fantastic results by helping you lose weight, relieve stress, and prevent health issues. Read on to discover some simple tips on making the most out of your workout sessions to ensure your fitness goals are met.

Coffee for your pre-workouts

Coffee is a natural enhancer for workouts. It stimulates your nervous system giving you the extra push you need to excel in your workout routines. Apart from boosting performance, a dose of caffeine adds excitement to your morning routines allowing you to push harder in the gym. Alternatively, fitness experts at Legion Athletics recommend taking natural pre workout supplements before hitting the gym.

Have a plan

Having a predetermined workout plan reduces time-wasting while in the gym. Have a clear schedule detailing what exercises you intend to perform, what sequence you will follow. It is also good to go for an alternate if the equipment you intend to use is occupied by someone else.

Backup exercises keep you engaged by maintaining an ideal heart rate as you wait for the gym equipment to become available.

Consider having a workout playlist

Music can significantly lift your moods before and during a workout. When putting together a workout playlist, prioritize tunes that make you feel powerful and motivated. Furthermore, listening to your favorite tracks is not only relaxing but dramatically improves your body’s recovery ability. Slow music boosts the level of recovery hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

Additionally, the music speeds up the recovery by getting your heart rate and blood pressure to normal after intense workouts.

Put your smartphone away

Smartphones can be a big distraction in the gym. It is always tempting to check up on messages or group texts every time your phone beeps. Consider leaving your smartphone and other electronic gadgets in a locker room or, even better, in your car unless you need it for music. If leaving your phone is not possible, consider turning it off or setting it on airplane mode.

Incorporate stretches in your pre-workout program

The warmup is a critical phase in any workout program. Dynamic stretching, in particular, not only boosts blood flow to your limps but also improves motion without damaging your tendons and elastic muscles.

Try mimicking the actual workouts you’ll be doing in the full-blown session when performing stretches and warmups.

Lifting weights

While cardio exercises are ideal for building endurance, strength training with weights burns more fat, leading to more significant weight loss. Furthermore, training using weights increases metabolism and conditions your body better than most cardio workouts.

Bonus tips

Our bodies lose a lot of water through sweating while in the gym. This loss of water can lead to dehydration if not checked at the earliest. Always ensure you consume enough water during and after workout sessions to boost your recovery rate.

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