While building a bathroom from scratch or renovating an older one, chrome towel rails are simply not something to miss out on, especially if you live in colder regions. Towel rails, apart from providing a suitable space for hanging the towels, also heat the bathroom enough to make it pleasant and lively.

This makes it all the more necessary to consider the type of heating you are going to have installed in the bathroom. Sometimes, quality chrome towel rails would heat the bathroom and create a relaxing environment. Before jumping on the installation process, let’s get through the concept of towel rails.

What is a Chrome Towel Rail?

Chrome towel rails are electricity-powered bars or pipes constructed out of chrome metal that warms up your towels as well as the entire bathroom. The towel rails can also be connected to the central heating unit of the house and act accordingly to keep the bathroom warm at all times.

Heated towel rails constructed out of a chrome finish create a luxury and ambient feeling in the bathroom. They present a gleaming and striking appearance that will attract your attention the moment you step into the room.

If coupled with the style statement and theme of your bathroom, they shape the overall outlook of the bathroom. For instance, if you are planning to establish a modern and contemporary bathroom, the chrome finish will perfectly go hand in hand with the appearance of the taps in your bathroom.

Stainless Steel vs. Chrome Towel Rails 

There are several reasons to prefer the chrome towel rail. That differs from the standard rail. Once considered we nowadays prefer luxury because of many reasons. We discuss a few of such benefits here as well. 

  • Due to chrome quoting, these look highly aesthetically pleasing. Such a luxurious look makes them a perfect choice to create the specific look you want. 
  • It is a contemporary style of towel rails. That because of their modern appearance become centre of attention in the bathroom. 
  • The chrome quoting over them makes them corrosion-resistant. That makes them last longer in comparison to the standard towel rails. 
  • These provide a convenient way to make your towel warm and heat up the available area as a supplement to the heating system. 
  • Suitable for all bathrooms, these can coordinate when you are looking for a completely modern finish in the bathroom. 
  • Although stainless steel radiators also offer great quality and highly functional performance, the cost is also an important matter. The steel radiators where offer great quality; these are expensive in comparison to the chrome rails. Therefore, the chrome radiators are economical and highly functional at the same time. 
  • In addition, that many chrome radiators are available as a curved towel rail, which also maximizes its advantages. For example, due to the curvy shape, the heating emitting from them becomes more efficient. When you hang a towel over them, then the distance between the holes and the towel increases due to the curve. It makes the emitting of the heat efficient. That means your towel will dry quickly, warm up your space quickly, and result in reduced power or electricity bills over time. 

DIY Installation Process of Chrome Towel Rail. 

Installing a towel rail is not as hard as it appears. For someone with a slight knowledge of how bathroom fixtures work and who has experience with the tools can install the rails. The step-by-step guide will help you through the process.

  1. Pinpoint the place in your bathroom where you want the rails to be installed. A point somewhere along the center of the room should be preferred as to easily heat the whole room.
  2. A mounting fixture is to be installed under the wall sheet with which the rails are attached for some towel rails. Make sure you know if the towel rails need an in-wall mounting stand that holds the rails in place.
  3. If you are installing an electricity-powered chrome towel rail, draw the electricity supply close to the place of installation to power.
  4. Once the in-wall installation is complete, attach the legs or stand to the fixture that acts as a binding agent between the two.
  5. Simply install the chrome towel rails with the stands and make the connection.

You might want to let someone that knows his way around electricity wire. So, he can handle the job to prevent any risky situation. However, if you want to handle it yourself, make sure you make the connections with the adjacent leg or stand. Otherwise purchase the rails that have universal wiring.  

Final Thoughts

The chrome towel rail is highly efficient, durable, and corrosion-free heating rails. These offer various benefits over the standard type of heating radiators. In addition, these are excellent choices to create the type of look you want in the bathroom. You can check high-quality heating products and accessories at the Royal Bathrooms UK online store website. Most of their products are available at reasonable prices

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