Everything You should Know About Android Smart TV

Television viewing is not just restricted to traditional watching; it is more about making watching television a phenomenal experience. Android TV is designed to access all the things that you were enjoying till now on your phone, they can now be navigated on television.

Easy to navigate with voice search, fully integrated with google assistant, and provides control over phone and android watch, Android TV makes things easy for you. Such smart TV is pre-installed with many applications such as weather reports, games, youtube, movies, and music. It provides a big cinematic experience by customizing content according to your preferences.

The working of Android TV-

Simple to learn and use

Android TV is easy to use. When you reach its home screen, all you have to do is navigate left or right. The top section of the home screen comes with a discovery bar where you can go through suggestions that you can choose. You can watch the tutorials. Go through youtube, watch a new movie, or play angry birds from google play store.

Easy voice commands

On the top side, you will find google assistance and a voice search icon. Android smart TV comes with a voice-enabled remote that hears whatever commands you give. The whole smart TV works on voice search as well. For instance, all you have to do is, “play Arijit Singh songs “and all the music playlist will pop up.

When you make a voice search, Android TV will provide you with universal results. Like, “show me a movie starring Johnny Depp, google will show you all results of the actor movies as well as an application form where you can watch his movies.

Different application

Android TV comes with many channels like Netflix, Prime, or Disney Hotstar, for which you can take a subscription and watch the latest movies and shows. It also comes with HDMI access that allows you to switch between different inputs. In fact, by casting your phone on television, you can go through devices installed on your television like play sort, gallery, music, games, and many more.

You can play multiple games

If you browse through applications, you will find access to games as well. Android TV provides support for single, multi-player, online mode, or offline mode gaming. You can play games both from your phone as well as your television. You can make use of multiple gamepads while playing games with friends.

Easy to access settings

The last part of the home screen also comes with a section that has a dedicated slot for setting that you can change according to your preferences. You can set up the channels, change displays, change sounds, and network. You can even change Bluetooth and google cast preferences and go through the help guide in case you need any guidance on how to go about it.


Another interesting feature of Android TV is Chromecast, which allows you to cast your content from your laptop and phone on television. Usually, a TV requires the use of a dongle that needs to be plugged in, however, an Android smart TV does not need any kind of dongle it comes with an in-built casting feature.

To sum up

Android Smart TV, comes with many features that have provided a big-screen experience at home. Easy to operate and runs with google, a smart TV brings in support for millions of applications that you can search, control, and discover. If you are looking to buy an LED TV online, make sure it is Certified Android 9.0(Pie) with Official Play Store, to make sure that you are bringing the right smart TV home. Choose Sanyo Kaizen Android TV to get the best Android TV experience.


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