Most of the time parents are aware of the factor that jaundice in newborns is more common than you might have thought. 

According to the best doctors at Zahida welfare hospital, children who have a high level of bilirubin in their blood tend to suffer from jaundice. 

Although it is a self-curing medical condition that gets cured within a span of two or three weeks after your baby is born. But if the disease is not healing on its own you might have to consider hospitalization of your child. 

Symptoms of Jaundice In NewBorn;

Today we will be discussing some of the home remedies that are effective for treating jaundice in newborns. 

1- Pay Attention To Breastfeeding 

In case your newborn is diagnosed with jaundice then make sure that you are feeding him or her regularly. This is a great remedy that is often advertised because this way the bilirubin will flush out of the bloodstream and will get eliminated with the help of urine or stool. 

A close symptom that your baby has jaundice is that he or she might sleep a lot. Do not fear that if you wake him up you are disturbing their sleep schedule. On the contrary, wake your baby up at regular intervals and make sure to breastfeed him or her

An important thing that mothers need to keep in mind is that yey should add nutrient-rich healthy meals to their diet so that they can effectively breastfeed their newborns. 

2- Basking In Sun Can Be Quite Helpful 

This one is also an amazing tip that can work wonders for your newborn. If you keep your baby in sun for about 1-2 hours daily then you will see the difference for yourself. But make sure that you avoid the peak times of sunlight such as between 10-4 pm. 

Remember that your baby should get the slanting rays of the sun before the clock hits 8 am. The rays of the sun will work effectively to reduce the levels of bilirubin in the blood and this will help to cure jaundice in your newborn. 

3- Give Your Baby Proper Massage Therapy 

A recent study has shed light on the positive aspect of massaging your baby. When you massage your child with the help of soothing oils you are aiding the overall bowel movements of your child. 

This subsequently helps to improve bowel movement and also aids in maintaining gut health. All of this helps towards great liver health. This also helps to reduce the levels of bilirubin in the blood because of the now reduced enterohepatic circulation. 

4- Feed Them with Supplements

Make sure that you are paying attention to what you are feeding or giving to your baby. You should pay extra attention to the health of your newborn who has been diagnosed with jaundice. 

When breast milk which is considered to be a complete meal for newborns is not enough you should add certain supplements to the diet of your child. If your bundle of joy is unable to get the required as well as needed nutrients from his or her mother’s milk you should try to add certain types of supplements to the diet. 

Inadequate or lower than required intake of milk may result in dehydration and thus causes poor bowel movements in your newborn and thus it may lead to decreased bilirubin excretion from the body. 


It is inevitable to note here that often people assume that jaundice is due to the mother’s breastfeeding. This is because certain research pieces conclude that there are certain chemicals in the milk of a mother that causes this situation. 

But fear not as it is a rather harmless situation that gets sorted out on its own. So being a mother you do not have to give up feeding your child. But you should make sure that you have consulted a doctor in these regards.

The Bottom Line

Jaundice in newborns is both a harmless as well as rather a common condition. Keep an eye on the aforementioned home remedies and try to take good care of your child. For further queries, you can reach out to your primary healthcare providers.