If you mean you’re trying to remove PDF pages, you’re referring to pages in the current PDF document that you recognize as unimportant or needless. The goal of removing PDF pages is to eliminate those pages if you don’t want other people to have those records. If you want to remove specific pages from a PDF document, you’ll probably need a deleting app. If you’re searching for a delete tool, use your browser’s search bar to discover a plethora of options. However, not all websites that provide these assets are trustworthy.

Since you’re looking for a free webpage to do so, we recommend PDFBear. With this site, you can easily remove individual pages from a current PDF document by following a few simple steps. Users can use the PDF page remover tool to direct themselves through the steps of deleting or removing pages from their site.

Deleting PDF Pages of PDFBear

The first way to learn how to delete PDF pages is to select or drag the file from your device’s or mobile phone’s directory into the web upload area. After you’ve finished uploading your PDF, you can connect and delete pages by selecting or entering page numbers.
After deletion, you can make changes and wait for the task to complete. You can save the revised PDF document to your computer or phone once it is obtainable. It will also be available for users to save to Google Drive or Dropbox. Users can safely and efficiently delete or remove specific pages from PDF documents utilizing PDF Bear.

Why Choose PDFBear?

The resources of PDFBear are simple enough to understand. If you need to erase individual pages quickly before sharing or sending files to others, the site’s delete page option enables you to do so in just a few stages at any time.

PDFBear will ensure that the privacy of its users is protected by erasing their data after one hour of creating your revised PDF file. If users want more information about confidentiality, they can always refer to the terms and conditions of the website.

Other Helpful Tools of PDF Bear

Now that you know that you can delete PDF pages without compromising the whole document, you must also learn that there’s a lot more for you. PDFBear is so versatile that it can do more things than you can imagine. Here are some of them!


Do you know that you can upload a memorandum or announcement on social media in a form of a photo that was originally in the form of a PDF? If not, you should be aware that you can. You just have to first convert it into a PNG or JPEG before doing so. The site enables you to efficiently convert them without any hassle but with high quality. The PDF to PNG tool is also attainable even if you are using a mobile phone or tablet.

Merge PDF

The merge PDF tool of PDFBear is very advantageous for a working team that needs to submit one document with various contents. When the contents of a specific project come from different sources, it is given that they are not placed in a single file upon submission. So when have to present it to the panel, you must compile them first. To do so, visit the website and let it do the merging for you. You will never be disappointed with it as it will never bring you down.

Add Page Numbers

For digital books, reviewers, modules, or test books, it is awesome to have page numbers on them. Not only because it looks good on paper but because it will guide you when you decide to pause reading or to view it when you’re in a hurry. Having page numbers is not only fun to have but it is also efficient and time-saving. It will save your time and effort, and you’ll work more professionally and effectively. You can rely upon PDFBear regarding that matter. With this SaaS tool, you can adjust the numbering to your own preference as much as you like. It will help you be more productive every day.

Add Watermark

When dealing with business partners, audiences, students, or clients, it is important to keep your file secured. Adding a watermark to a file you are distributing will prevent the receivers from plagiarizing your work. Watermark is also a statement saying that this file is yours and others can’t duplicate it without giving you credits. With PDFBear, you can place whatever watermark you want to add to your PDF. You can do it with either text or an image.

PRO Membership of PDFBear

Users can use PDFBear’s PDF to JPG converter for free, but availability to their other tools and information is limited. As a result, users may not receive much in come back. Users can, however, take advantage of their PRO subscription’s unlimited access to their assets at any time.

As a PRO Member, users will not be limited to full access and will be able to finish as many tasks as they wish. Users will also be able to upload or convert PDF documents with big files sizes. With PDFBear, users will have an unending amount of OCR duties. Users who sign up for PDF Bear’s PRO membership will pay only $14.99 per month. Users will only pay 0.7 cents per day as a result. Instead of charging for the monthly contract, users can take advantage of their annual membership for $99.99 and save up to 66%.

In A Nutshell

With today’s technology, you can accomplish several tasks in as little as a few minutes or as little as 30 seconds. People can finish and work together as a team with their coursework without difficulty, and they won’t have to do so in a manual system. It will not be a problem for us to spend money on any of the website’s information and support if it can offer us great service at a reasonable price. However, you can always choose to use the free version if you favor it.

Converting a document to a different file format used to be a difficult task because it required the purchase of expensive software.

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