How to Create an Online Reputation Repair/Management Strategy?

Creating a robust online reputation strategy isn’t really a child’s play. To cruise through the proceeding, you will need to learn more about the industry, monitor your consumer base, and many more. Besides, you will require a decent amount of experience in this aspect as well.

Due to this reason, hiring an online reputation management agency can be ideal in this aspect. But, what if you wanted to explore the world all by yourself and come up with an impeccable strategy? Well, in that case, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. They’ll be helpful!

  1. Learn More about the ORM Tools

There several ORM-based tools available on the internet, which can help you to improve the aspect of your online reputation. For example, there is a software program, which can be used for a social media platform, called Twitter.

With it, you can search through the tweets and find out the ones that specifically talk about you, Here are some of the searching parameters available on these tools –

  • Search by the name of an account
  • Search by the date of the tweet
  • Search by the sentiment
  • Search by the location of the tweeter

2. Prepare the Groundwork

According to an online reputation repair agency, the ORM tools can only help you to learn more about your consumer base. But, if you wish to impress them, then you will need to do a lot of groundwork. Gaining their trust will be invaluable for you in this aspect.

But, how are you going to do it? Well, you can start by preparing your website. For example, you will need to make the first page of the same as informational as possible. It should carry the information regarding your organization, its offerings, working procedure, etc.

You may also try to update your content page to ensure relevancy throughout the website. The best way to do so would be to add the blogs, which seems to pertinent to your organization.

3. Be As Transparent as Possible

Transparency is the key to succeed in anything. And, the same goes for ORM as well. You can do it through talking and interacting with your audience more and more.

For instance, if you find that someone has posted a comment regarding your product, then you will need to reply to that.

If he/she is trying to talk about a folly, then we would ask you to do some research on it and help them out. This way, the trust of your consumer base will increase massively.

4. Approach the Negative Comments Positively

Always keep in mind that you cannot satisfy everyone out there. There will be at least one person who will find something negative and start bashing you.

So, in this case, all you can do is to remain calm, positive, and try your best to help them out. It might not work out, but the other part of the audience will admire your attempt.

5. Monitor the social media profiles

It is vital that you regularly monitor the business profiles on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Check out the comments and respond accordingly. An active social media presence can enhance your brand visibility to a great extent.

6. Fulfill your promises

When you attempt to smoothen out negative responses, offering discounts and taking their opinion genuinely is a good business move. However, you must make sure that you commit to the promises that you make. For instance, your next product must foreshadow the changes that you have made in regards to the customer feedback.


So, these are some of the tips that might help you to repair online reputation all by yourself. Good luck!


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