Costa Rica is comfortably located on an isthmus connecting two continents, bordered by Nicaragua and Panama . It is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The capital is San Jose.

A variety of unique nature attracts tourists from different countries to Costa Rica: tropical forests with rare beauty plants, animals, birds, butterflies; mountains with waterfalls, caves, volcanoes, streams and lakes; sandy beaches, colorful underwater world, uninhabited islands. We will tell you about holidays in Costa Rica in 2021, beaches, attractions, entertainment and prices in this article.

This small Central American country can be call an ideal state:
  • There are no armed forces here;
  • education is compulsory and free (literacy rate – 96%);
  • high life expectancy (77 years) due to the modern health care system;
  • Silicon Valley Latin America: The country is one of the world’s largest exporters of microchips. Their production, software development, tourism are the main sectors of the state’s economy;
  • 25 percent of the territory is a nature protection zone (20 national parks, 8 state reserves. And several private ones, a biosphere reserve, an archaeological zone);
  • concern for nature placed above financial benefits: drilling for oil and mining by open pit mining prohibited here;
  • 18% of the energy used is geothermal and wind;
  • the 5th greenest country in the world has a reforestation program;
  • a volunteer movement has been developed to help preserve flora and fauna, which occupies 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

Costa Ricans

The main population of the country is of European origin, 10% are Nicaraguans and only 1% are descendants of indigenous Indian tribes who try to preserve their ancient culture and traditions, this facilitated by the development of rural tourism with the support of the state.

The official state religion is Catholicism, it professed by 75% of the population, another large religious group is evangelical Christians

The state language is Spanish, but many speak English.

National bird

The clay thrush has become the national bird of Costa Rica since 1977. Why is this little inconspicuous bird, and not the quetzal, the most beautiful bird in the world, living in the forests of the country? Maybe because they love her singing, like a nightingale in Russia, and she found in all regions and settles near people’s homes. Maybe because it has long dedicated to her songs, fairy tales, sung in literary works. Or maybe because her serenades herald the beginning of the green season and are a harbinger of rains.

National flower

Since 1939, the national flower of Costa Rica is the Guarianthe skinneri orchid, whose lilac-purple color associated with abundance, fragility and elegance. In nature, this orchid grows in mountainous areas on tree branches, using them as a support. But in almost every courtyard of the country you can see a “tamed” beauty.


Costa Rica located in the subequatorial climate zone: here one season is summer with constant 28-30 degrees. The temperature differs not from north to south, but from the height above sea level: the difference in the valley and in the mountains is 5-10 degrees. They don’t know what snow is here.

The year divided into two seasons: high (dry) – from December to May, and low (rainy) – from mid-May to December. This season in the country is called green, as this is the most beautiful time of the year, when nature fascinates with flowering and intoxicates with aromas accompanying the riot of nature. The rainiest months are September and October, with the most rainfall in the Central Valley and on the Pacific coast.

You should not give up a trip in the low season: the rains are usually short and do not interfere with sightseeing trips and holidays in Costa Rica in 2021.

This is interesting: throughout the year, due to the proximity to the equator, the time of sunrises and sunsets in Costa Rica unchanged: the sun appears at 5.30, goes beyond the horizon at 17.30.

How to get to Costa Rica

The distance from Moscow to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, is almost 11,000 kilometers. There is no direct communication between our countries. You have to make transfers at European or American airports. The most popular flights: with a transfer in New York ( USA ), Frankfurt am Main ( Germany ), Paris ( France ), Amsterdam ( Netherlands ), Madrid ( Spain ). Travel time takes from 16 hours to a day or more, depending on the waiting time for a connecting flight.


It is more profitable to book tickets in advance and subscribe to the newsletter to keep track of price changes, promotions, discounts, “last minute” tickets, which will save a significant amount.

What to take with you

On vacation, you need to take a minimum of things so as not to pay extra for luggage. But it is better to take hygiene products. And spare flash drives for the camera with you. In Costa Rica, these things are more expensive.


According to the signed bilateral agreement, Russian tourists have the right to visit Costa Rica without a visa. This rule applies to those who enter the country for the purpose of recreation. And plan to stay there for a period of no more than 90 days. If you plan to stay in the country for a period of 3 months or more. You will have to apply for a visa.

Russians will need a visa to Costa Rica. Even if the purpose of the trip is to engage in commercial activities or work for hire.


Having decided on the time of your trip to Costa Rica, you can choose a fascinating tour of the country. Travel agencies offer for holidays in Costa Rica in 2021 both individual. And group tours, lasting from 4 to 15 days, with a Russian-speaking guide. “In the world of animals”, “Volcanic fantasy”, “Volcanoes and parks”, “Unknown Costa Rica”, “Beach holidays on two oceans”. The names of just a few tours in the stunning nature of the country.

There are tours for lovers of extreme recreation, fishing, for those who want to spend their honeymoon alone with nature. The cost of the tours depends on the duration, the complexity of movement, the comfort of the hotel rooms. From 30,000 (4 days / 3 nights) to 140,000 rubles (15 days / 14 nights). The flight not included in the tour price.


In Costa Rica, you can use different types of transport includein Boston car service to get to your destination:

  • aircraft serving domestic flights (from $ 100 to $ 150);
  • comfortable intercity buses ($ 3 per 100 km);
  • tourist shuttles (from $ 20 depending on the distance);
  • city ​​buses and fixed-route taxis ($ 0.5);
  • taxis (official – red with a yellow triangle on the door, payment by meter – up to $ 3);
  • suburban tourist train from San Jose: to Caldera, San Pedro, Pavas.
  • car rent.
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