Choosing the Correct Laminate Finish for your Kitchen

Laminate has emerged as the most preferred material used in every corner of the house and your kitchen is no exception. Everything right from kitchen cabinets, platforms, shelves, countertops can be covered with high-pressure laminates.

Laminates are durable, moisture-resistant, flexible, and come in a range of colors and designs. Some are even fire-retardant. Since kitchens are subject to smoke, gas, oil, dirt, dust, and heat, it only makes sense to use laminates here the most. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to choosing the correct laminate finish.

Anti-fingerprint laminate

Like its name, this type of laminate is resistant to fingerprints, dirt, and heat. It has a very low reflection surface that does not show smudges, prints, or grease marks. And, because of this, this laminate is fairly easy to clean.

Anti-bacterial laminates

These types of laminates are used widely in a lot of commercial as well as residential areas, especially in kitchens where food needs to be prepared and packed. They ensure a good hygiene level by minimizing the growth of microbes. These laminates are constructed with special microbial additives which make it resistant to mold, fungus, termites, and other types of microbes, thereby preventing and reducing the multiplication of various microorganisms and bacteria.

Matte laminates

Matte finish laminates reflect light and are resistant to scratches. They make an ideal solution for kitchens or surfaces that are prone to heavy use as they are strong and don’t show dirt and stains. They are extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Gloss laminates

These laminates are considered to be one of the best laminates in India. Because they make your space bright and glossy because they have the ability to reflect a lot of light. They are great for smaller spaces because they make them look bigger and brighter. Glossy laminates need to be cleaned regularly as they show fingerprints, scratches, and smudges. Besides this, they are quite popular, especially in small apartments and kitchens.

Acrylic laminates

These laminates give your kitchen a high-end look with its aesthetic finish and make the space look classy. It is highly durable and comes in a variety of color options. These laminates are moisture-resistant as well as UV ray-resistant. However, they need to be frequently cleaned as they show any scratches or fingerprints.

Textured laminate

This laminate replicated the look and feel of natural materials like wood, stone, raw silk, and more and can be added to bring warmth and a natural feel to space. Textured laminates may pick up dirt and grime and are quite difficult to clean and maintain. So if you are living in a dusty area or on the ground floor then this may not be your first choice.

Fire retardant laminates

These laminates are widely used not only in the hospitality industry. But in the kitchens of both residential and commercial areas. They are treated with special chemicals that minimize smoke emissions, do not release toxic smoke, delay the rise in temperature of the laminate, and do not catch or enhance the fire. Ensure that these laminates are fixed by professionals as they have sharp edges.

In Conclusion

Getting your laminates chosen and fixed by a professional rather than DIYing it yourself can be very beneficial. A professional knows how to fix your laminate. And will show you how to look after it and clean it so that it can last longer. Moreover, reliable and trusted companies will also give you a warranty card and a guarantee that the laminate is of the highest quality and treated accordingly.


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