Top Canadian Immigration Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Top Canadian Immigration Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Immigration is the talk of the town because people are out of COVID-19 restrictions, and they want to take everything seriously so that they have a bright future. However, it is important to understand that immigration processes have changed over the years. Thanks to digital technology, now you can apply for a visa to any country, even sitting in the comfort of your home. Visa processes might have become more extensive, but they do not need any embassy visits or anything. Canada is one of the most desirable countries people choose to immigrate to because there is less racial discrimination, more opportunities, and acceptance of all religious backgrounds.

Applying for immigration requires a proper understanding and knowledge. When you are not skilled enough to apply, then you are more likely to make several mistakes that can cause you the visa. If you are not confident and need expert help, then take on the assistance from Canada immigration Dubai to get the consultancy and even apply for your immigration. The country is suitable for newcomers in more than one way, and more and more people are interested in applying.

Applying for the Canadian immigration process is a hefty and challenging process; there is no room for mistakes in the process.

Mistakes to avoid for Canadian immigration in 2021:

The immigration process seems easy on paper or when someone is trying to tell you how to do it. However, when you start the process, there are so many nitty-gritties you have to think about and take into account. Attention to detail is one of the key considerations that will make the Canadian immigration process a complete success. Following are some of the common mistakes that applicants need to take care of for applying successfully:

Least experience:

Often when it comes to the matter of experience, people think that it is okay to apply with less experience. A big mistake is less than one year of experience and still applying for the express entry program. When you are applying for the express entry program, then you will have a NOC code on the profile. If you have less than a year of experience, then the NOC code does not fall in any skill level (O, A, B) of experience resulting in rejection instantly.

Please note that the indication of NOC will not affect the employment prospects in Canada because that is looking for a job from Zero. Also, the experience you indicate now will not impact the industry you choose to work in later on.

Mismatched reference letters:

To prove your work experience, you need to have an employment reference letter. However, when you provide reference letters that are not relevant, then you are putting yourself towards rejection. Most people think that when you have to prove the work experience, then getting a document from your old boss will do. However, that is not the case because he or she might not be able to outline and align your skills and accomplishments. The letter you will get is like a useless piece of paper in the immigration process. A great job reference letter will need a demonstration of the following elements:

  • Title of your job
  • Working dates of your employment
  • Hours of work per week
  • Your salary
  • A list of job responsibilities

If your letter is missing any of the elements, then it will weaken your application. For example, your employment documentation might have everything but does not list your job duties, so it is not considered eligible, which is not great for your application success. Keep in mind that the stronger your reference letter will be, the stronger your case will be.

Forging the documents:

When you are in the immigration process, then you cannot afford to lie in any format. Not representing the right information and document is a serious offense. It is an immigration process for the host country and not a school document where you can forge the signature of your parents to get the deal. Wrong documents or even photoshopped documents will not get you anywhere, and do not think of using that in your application. It will result in refusal right away but can also have serious consequences, such as being on the red list for the Canadian immigration process. Thus, do not make this mistake and give yourself something to regret for a lifetime.

Waiting to submit:

Another crucial mistake people often make is that they self-doubt themselves. They keep on contemplating whether to submit their profile or not because they think that it is not good enough to get attention. There is nothing better than submitting your profile now rather than being on the waitlist for even doing anything. Anyone who fills in all the qualifications for eligibility and experience should go through the application process right away. There are always immigration categories that are opening every now, so take on the opportunity right now. Do not make the mistake of waiting too long!

Concluding remarks:

Mistakes are inevitable, and they are bound to happen. However, some decisions can make your life a bit tricky and hard to handle, so it is important to think critically. Immigration is one such process where one has to take into account every step with a lot of attention to detail and authenticity. Thus make your life easy and take on professional assistance from immigration consultants so that your application is in the express entry loop for the draw. You can even discuss your options based on your skills and education. Do not give yourself a tough time and take on the help!

One has to avoid some mistakes to be a part of the Canadian immigration loop, and they are easy to handle. Canadian immigration has offered an online visa process, and you can take full advantage of that. It is just you have to be careful when filling out the forms and even providing documents that are relevant.

All the best for the entire immigration process!

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