Common Camping Injuries and Ailments You Should Avoid

Camping Injuries You Need to Watch Out For

When you decide to go camping you must know about the difficulties and challenges you will face on a campsite. Because there are some challenges too with the luxuries, these challenges are important to know and understand. One of the biggest challenges on a campsite is catching diseases or encountering an injury. If you are camping with the responsible organizers, then you do not have to worry about getting serious camping injuries, and even if you face one by any chance, you will be taken care of very well. But the real problems arise when you are not camping with someone responsible and professional.

Keep reading this article to get familiar with the type of camping injuries you can face during camping and methods to deal with them.

Top 7 Camping Injuries You Need to Watch Out For

Your camping experience will be affected if you face any injury or catch any diseases. These injuries are not a problem if you get quick help and aid, but they become a problem when you have no help for hours and days. The severity of each disease and injury depends upon the types of injury that occurred.

Following are the types of camping injuries and diseases one can catch during camping.

1. Dehydration

Of of the factors affecting your health during camping is you getting dehydrated. It is very important for you to consume a great amount of water to keep yourself hydrated and active on the campsite. If you are going wild camping, you must take a lot of water because drinking unhealthy water will result in other serious problems. People with families avoid going on such wild camps and buy overnight camping Dubai tickets to get all the necessary facilities while enjoying their camp in the wide-open deserts.

2. Insect bites

One of the most common injuries and ailments on a campsite is getting bitten by an insect. These injuries may not seem bigger and concerning initially, but they cause serious issues after some time. For avoiding such insect attacks and bites, you must have insect repellent in your camping gear. Not every campsite is luxurious and takes care of such problems; there are only a few in Dubai that will provide every comfort during your camp. So, make sure to take insect repellent with you if you are going camping on your own.

3. Cuts and lacerations

If you are on a camp with your kids, these types of camping injuries have become very common. Getting cuts while playing and enjoying is normal. But you must not take these minor cuts for granted; exposing these cuts to dirt will result in skin infections and allergies. So, make sure to clean these cuts and take the first aid kit with you. For avoiding such injuries, you must inspect and ask about the campsite before leaving so that you would know whether it is safe for your kids to play outdoors on a camp or not.

4. Fractures

If your campsite is much of a hilly and mountainous place, then you need to be very careful and watch out for breaking a leg or an arm. At such places, the chances of getting fractures and injuries are higher, whereas getting immediate help and rescue is difficult. One thing you can do to avoid these fractures is not going to such places for camp. Or you can go with an expert camper to guide you throughout your camping period.

5. Weather-related diseases

Extreme weather conditions, whether it is a burning sun or heavy rain, both these conditions are the source to cause damages to your health. Due to a heat stroke, you may get skin burns and skin diseases, and for that, you can apply sunscreen all the time. It is better to check the weather forecast before leaving for the campsite. But the weather conditions may change anytime, and you never know when it will rain. So make sure you take appropriate clothing to deal with the heavy rain affecting your travel.

6. Plant induced diseases

For a safer camping experience, you must know about various plants and roots you will find in the wild. Because most of the injuries and mishaps that occur on a campsite are because of the lack of awareness of the camper, you must know which plant is dangerous for your skin to get in contact with. You may also use the branches of a tree for heating purposes, but there are chances that the smoke of the leaves burning will put your life at risk.

7. Skin allergies

Skin irritation and allergies may seem something normal and minor, but these turn out to be serious and major problems. When you leave these skin allergies unattended on time, they result in severe injuries. For such camping injuries, you must have access to quick aid and medic to avoid the spread of allergy. Most reasons for these skin allergies are unclean campsites to which our bodies are not used. For a safer camping experience, you can book overnight camp services and ensure the safety of your loved ones while enjoying all the perks of camping.

Make your camping experience a better and safer one!

With professional camp organizers or going to a safer campsite, you minimize the risks of facing injuries. So, make sure you are opting for the right and safer campsite to ensure you are enjoying your camp and making it a memorable one.

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