Best Type of Cloth Fiber to Wear During Spring

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New season, a new set of clothes to invest in. It is challenging to stay cool during the warm days of spring, and it’s going to be tough in summer. But, it is not impossible to make yourself look chic and cool if you know what type of cloth fiber to wear and invest in for this season.

Here are the best fibers to choose from for light and cool outfits.

1.  Linen

Linen are fibers of a flax plant; it has an absorbent textile that is breathable and quick dries. It provides comfort during humid days because its absorbent features can hold up moisture making it an ideal wear for people who sweats a lot.

What’s amazing is linen is completely biodegradable. It decomposes when buried in the soil.

2.  Chambray

Chambray looks similarly to denim. It is a lightweight fabric that provides denseness and airiness. It has a unique weft-and-weave pattern but a looser and crisscross pattern. You can often see chambray in lighter shades. It is best as clothes with darker hues absorb more heat.

Even when you wear long-sleeve chambray during spring or chambray jeans, you can still feel the breeze.

3.  Rayon

Rayon is another biodegradable cloth fiber from the wood pulp of pine tree, beech, or bamboo. This cloth fiber is a cheaper alternative to silk. Its thin cotton drapes perfectly over the body. However, the setback of this cloth fiber is it is not durable enough for washers. You need to hand wash them. So if you are fond of bringing your dirty clothes to the laundry service, you have to instruct the staff that it has to be hand washed.

4.  Modal

Modal is a semi-synthetic cloth fiber. Although it is a type of rayon fiber, its quality is upgraded. It is softer and more absorbent compared to rayon. You will not feel swampy during the humid spring or hot summer.

Unlike rayon, modal is more durable in washes. It does not shrink easily.

5.  Hemp

This type of fiber is the best alternative to cotton. The stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant are made into usable fiber for textile. Hemp is more lightweight, breathable, and durable compared to cotton. It even continues to soften after each wash.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about sweating much while wearing hemp because it does not absorb moisture and is naturally resistant to mold. It does not trap sweat or odor.

Fashion is not all about style; you also have to eye on the comfort and function it can provide. As you invest in new types of clothes for the upcoming spring, it is essential to maintain the optimum health of your clothes. I bring my clothes to the laundry service near me; they help me clean and maintain my clothes.

As you look for the best type of clothes to wear this upcoming season, do not forget to find the best laundry service near you too! Keep your wardrobe clean and well-maintained.

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