Best Smartphones Of 2021 | Smartphone Test & Comparison

How to find the best smartphone of 2021 and the quality too? Smartphones are one of the best essentials that accompany us every day. However, many times users are not familiar with the majority of the functions of their device.

That is why we offer you an objective comparison of the various smartphones available on the market and based on user experiences, tests from external organizations, and market research. Also, check out the smartphone comparison table below also it will help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

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Our approach summarized in a few words

We are not dependent on an organization (merchant site, manufacturer, service provider, brand, or laboratory). We carry out our comparative tables also tests in collaboration with external partners. Regular updating of the product catalog, coupled with competitive intelligence and allows us to offer products of very good quality and at the fairest price, in particular through the analysis of customer reviews.

What is a smartphone?

The smartphone, which translates to “ smartphone”, has dramatically revolutionized the mobile phone market in recent years also it defines itself as a powerful mobile phone, whose functions are similar to those of a small computer.

The smartphone is a mobile device that allows its user to make calls, send messages moreover note an appointment in their diary, take photos, browse the Internet and perform many tasks related to downloaded applications. initially or later. The device’s screen is tactile, it allows data to be entered and viewed using a specific operating system for smartphones.


Best Smartphones Of 2021

Information on the 7 major manufacturers and brands


The Korean manufacturer Samsung is very popular, it is among the winners of the external comparison test also it offers a variety of models competitively priced for optimized performance, ranging from entry-level products to the best luxury device. The success of the new Galaxy A line is based on advanced camera functionality as well as long-lasting battery charging. According to a recent study, the new Galaxy Note 10+ is among the best luxury smartphones to buy right now.


In juxtaposition with Samsung, the famous Apple brand is aimed at discerning customers who prioritize luxury features, regardless of price. In reference to recent surveys of model comparisons and consumer opinions, the iPhone Pro is the most successful, followed by the iPhone XS. These two models offer superior quality in terms of battery life, photography, screen quality, and responsiveness.


The Chinese manufacturer Huawei offers a varied and accessible range. Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Huawei P30 models were rated 9 out of 10. If we compare these two models, we will note that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is slightly more efficient in autonomy, and it has an integrated stereo speaker.


Manufacturer of mid-range smartphones, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is a good alternative with excellent value for money. According to an external comparison of Xiaomi models, the best ratings go to the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. The congruence between the two models is quite similar, although the Xiaomi Mi 9 benefits from a slightly faster processor and better video recording quality.


The Japanese manufacturer Sony maintains an attractive offer of smartphones. Its Xperia range offers efficient and accessible models. If we trust the benchmarks tested by some experts, the best high-end smartphones from Sony would be the Xperia XZ and the Xperia XZ Premium. Both offer good performance. The Premium model has a more powerful battery and better resolution. For small budgets, the Sony Xperia XA1 model is ideal.


The Finnish smartphone Nokia is diverse and accessible to all budgets. According to various studies and customer reviews, the comparison of Nokia models shows good performance on the camera, simple designs, and comfortable handling. According to product tests carried out by external organizations, the best marks go to the Nokia 8 Sirocco followed by the Nokia 7.1.


The Wiko smartphone offers good value for money for users who want a functional, simple, and inexpensive device. Comparison of entry-level models and those with superior functionality demonstrates consistency in the design creativity and battery life. The winner of the consumer-tested Wiko comparison goes to the Wiko View3 Pro which is praised for its consistent performance, ergonomics, and design.

Best Smartphones Of 2021

How does a smartphone work?

How does a smartphone normally work? The smartphone works with an operating system for mobile devices, such as BlackBerry, iPhone OS, or Android. This system allows you to download many paid or free applications.

Depending on your preferences, you can add games, routes, WhatsApp, airline apps, and anything else that might help you. In order to be able to surf the Internet to search for information or read e-mail, an Internet connection must be activated.

This is obtained through a package included in a telephone subscription or via Wi-Fi. Depending on the model chosen, the multimedia mobile device has more or less high performance and memory of variable capacity storage. A smartphone is a communication tool that offers countless possibilities for personal or professional use.

The operation of a smartphone varies between models and brands. Smartphone reviews and consumer reviews guide you in your choices to benefit from a device with features that match your needs.

Advantages & areas of application
What are the advantages and applications of the smartphone?

The smartphone has many advantages. Drawing inspiration from a comparison of models based on external practical tests saves time in favoring an appropriate model, depending on its usefulness. Those who favor camera quality will choose a smartphone with photographic quality that meets their requirements.

Those who like to keep messages, photos, and videos will be sure to choose a smartphone with the best storage capacity. In contrast, people who want to save money will focus on a simple and functional model. According to the results of various tests, we see that the different smartphones have a better screen resolution, a more fun design, a larger size, or even a more powerful battery.

What types of smartphones are there?
Unlocked smartphones

What do you know about unlocked smartphones? The unlocked smartphone has the advantage of being compatible with all operators. To ensure that the model is unlocked, it is advisable to check the technical data sheet of the device or to inquire with the dealer.

According to customer reviews, unlocked smartphones are popular because they make it easy to choose and change carriers without having to buy a new laptop. For customers who use prepaid cards, the freedom of choice of the operator is also a major advantage.

High-end smartphones

The results of tests carried out on the best high-end smartphones demonstrate superior quality in terms of device finishes, screen resolution, image quality, sound, photos, and battery life. The best smartphone is the one that performs the best, but not necessarily the most expensive.

Mid-range smartphones

Specificities of mid-range smartphones we refer to the comparisons of smartphones in the “mid-range” category, these models benefit from good quality performance.

They are particularly aimed at people who want the best value for money. Mid-range smartphones sometimes have limited RAM or battery life that requires more frequent device charging.

Entry-level smartphones

The comparisons of entry-level smartphones are justified by a cheaper price. External analysis of this type of device demonstrates simplicity and ease of use with basic performance. Entry-level

 Screen quality

What is the best quality for smartphone screens? The definition of better screen quality can be compared to the level of color quality, the level of brightness, or the ability to read outdoors.

The quality of the camera

The best quality inspection of the smartphone camera is based on various elements such as brightness, color fluidity, or optical quality.

The software

The evaluation, which makes it possible to offer a better comparison of a manufacturer’s software interface, is based on the quality of the gesture navigation, the display parameters, or the customizable options.


To compare the best or the worst connectivity, the experts rely in particular on tests that assess the compatibility of devices with the frequency bands present throughout the country concerned.

Product rating
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone represents an innovative solution for fans of cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

The main asset of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is its 64 million pixel photosensor. Other benefits noted for this mobile device include ease of use and speed, as well as good value for money.
The best appreciations of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro’s features relate to criteria such as battery life, beautiful finishes, efficient and fast facial recognition, or even a nice design. According to consumers, this model has the disadvantage of being a little too large, which makes it more difficult to handle.

Best Smartphones Of 2021

Samsung Galaxy A 10 Dual Sim

Discover the Samsung galaxy A 10 smartphone among the comparisons of the best-selling smartphones in the current market is the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy A 10 Dual Sim.

This makes it possible, for example, to use two numbers to separate business calls from those in the private domain.

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A 10 Dual Sim as listed by consumers include ease of use, good camera rendering, and excellent value for money. Customers who tested this model also liked the responsiveness and enough memory to download different apps. The only downside for the Samsung Galaxy A 10 would be a fairly low light outdoors when there is a lot of suns.

Huawei y 6

Huawei Y 6 smartphone comparison based on the comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the model described by consumers and testers from independent organizations, the Huawei Y 6 smartphone enjoys good value for money as well as accessibility to all budgets. Customer reviews report sufficient battery life and relatively fast charging as well as a large screen that provides good visibility for surfing the Internet and playing games.

The fingerprint recognition of the Huawei Y 6 model appears to be practical and pleasant. The camera is functional, of average quality. As far as connectivity goes, the reception is quite good. A disadvantage that is frequently noted on the Huawei Y 6 mobile device concerns the back of the glass device which seems quite fragile.

 The pros and cons as described in customer reviews

Advantages :

Excellent value for money.
Ease of use.
Fast delivery.
Quality photos.
Excellent autonomy.
Fast battery recharge.
Good reactivity.
Nice design.
Good grip.
Slot for 2 appreciable SIM cards.

The inconvenience :

Blurry photos.
Connectivity difficulties.
Insufficient storage space.
Hard-to-open SIM card insertion box.
Quality of its poor.
Too heavyweight.
Low screen brightness in direct sunlight.
Too fast unloading.

Frequent failures and deficiencies – What should you watch out for when buying a smartphone?
According to the opinion of consumers and the reviews of external organizations, it is necessary to check certain aspects before buying a new smartphone. If you opt for a second-hand model to benefit from good quality at the best price, you must check certain points such as the condition of the device, see photos from several angles, or even the accuracy of the total price, without additional hidden charges.

Before purchasing a second-hand model, it is interesting to carry out a price comparison of new devices. If the difference is minimal, it may be more advantageous to invest in a new device that has the advantage of having a warranty.

Smartphone alternatives

There is no comparison what are the best alternatives to smartphones? specific which represents the different alternatives to the smartphone. Conventional laptops or landlines can replace smartphones, although the variety of options is not as great.

The best audience for conventional laptops is the elderly, who appreciate their ease of use and use their device primarily for making and receiving calls.

Internet or specialized shops: where should I buy my smartphone instead?

Should you buy the smartphone in-store or on the internet? Consumers can purchase their smartphones directly online or in stores to choose the best device. In commerce, they physically visualize the different comparative models and can seek advice from a salesperson. This means makes it easy to change your mind about the purchase decision.

In-store prices are generally fixed, except for models on sale. The orders over the Internet made up a lot of advantages such as ease of purchase without movement. The ability to read consumer reviews, the comparative tables, and the test results of various organizations online. Online shopping offers very competitive prices and secure payment methods.

Best Smartphones Of 2021 Faq

Why does the smartphone heat up?

Exposure of the device to the sun is the main reason for the device overheating. The best way to fix this is to remove it from the heat source also turn it off to avoid damage.

Why does my smartphone no longer turn on?

If your device is completely discharged, it will take a few minutes of charging to turn it back on. If the phone turns on but the screen does not, you should turn off the phone by long-pressing the power button to recheck the status of the screen before considering a repair.

Why is the smartphone no longer charging?

The cables of the chargers are very sensitive, sometimes it is enough to change them to remedy the problem. If you keep your device in a pocket then it may have absorbed dust or lint that needs to be removed.

How to locate a lost or stolen smartphone?

In case of loss of the smartphone, an Android manager application makes it possible to geolocate the device. In the event of theft, device data can be erased remotely also via an application from Google settings.

How to synchronize a smartphone to a PC?

To connect the smartphone to the PC, you need a cable also a Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to recover folders also your pictures stored on your device.

When to recharge the smartphone?

To avoid damaging the device, use a suitable charger, either from the supplier or a charger with the same amperage.

When to change the smartphone battery?

When your device is draining very quickly, it may indicate a low battery and on Android smartphones and a secret code * # * # 4636 # * # * provides access to information on the state of the battery.

How to clean a smartphone?

Using a microfiber cloth to clean the screen also other parts of the device is fine. For a more thorough cleaning, specific products exist on the market and in order to avoid damaging your devices.



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