A civil engineer specializes in site development. Professionals like Noble Land Development design and plan various types of land developments. Among other things, they plan and design office parks, residential subdivisions, commercial shopping centres, and agricultural land uses. A site development engineer may also be responsible for designing public facilities, such as airports. Listed below are a few of the benefits of site development engineering. These services are essential in planning for future development. Once you know the basic features of a site, you can develop it.
Site engineers conduct surveys of existing sites and develop construction plans. They coordinate the activities of construction teams, conduct site inspections, and create schedules. Site engineers also conduct surveys of land properties prior to the execution of the project. Such surveys are necessary before land titles are transferred to the project owner, or if zoning or subdivisions are in the works. They also analyze complex calculations and process day-to-day site information. Hence, hiring a site engineer is highly beneficial to the project.
A civil engineer will first prepare a site plan, which details the layout of the land. It will also include details of grading, drainage, roadway design, and lot layout. Depending on the site, the civil engineer may also recommend engaging additional consultants, such as an arborist, for a proper tree-disaster-remediation plan. After all, the site development engineer is the one who will prepare plans for permitting and submit the design to the governing bodies.